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  1. Here's another, more advanced contraption for making frezon. This time there's no venting of oxygen involved, only actual waste is vented so it's a very efficient design in terms of oxygen consumption. The glassed off/spaced area is for making tritium. Plasma is input by top volume pump at 1 rate, oxygen on the bottom with 1.5 rate. It's prefilled with a bit of oxygen, heated with a thermomachine until it starts a burn. All but 2 filters in the glassed area are set to filter tritium, 1 is set to cp2 and 1 is set to water. Left of the glassed area is where tritium is mixed into a typical frezon machine. You can see the tritium filter next to a 1x1 space vent. You can watch it be built in a replay here https://cdn.centcomm.spacestation14.com/replays/lizard/2023/09/22/lizard-2023_09_22-20_39-round_33957.zip
  2. Disregard I can't read.
  3. Here's an advanced setup for making frezon. No pipes are stacked in this picture, so it should be clear how it's built. Text next to filters indicates which gas they are set to filter. Tritium is made in the segment with a heater. Filters pointing into their own pipe network function by letting all gas through except that which they are set to filter. Filter in top right corner is used to clear excess gas and let new fuel into the pipe chamber, set rate according to your available oxygen reserves. Nitrogen filter is set to around 15 rate, it removes a portion of nitrogen that's created during frezon creation; from sleep gas decay. To jump-start the contraption, a bit of nitrogen needs to be added to the freezer section.
  4. Bottom side is the cold loop, a little bit (1000kpa at start) of plasma being cooled by a freezer with a volume pump to vent potential excess pressure. On top side, there's two chained canisters being fed through the TEG into a spaced passive vent. Pump is maxed out. The yellow canisters contain near pure co2, leftover from a fuel mix burning inside them. They are chained merely for convenience, so it can be maintenance free for a longer time. You can obtain such fuel canisters by filling one with 66% plasma, 33% oxygen and heating it to 100C. Easiest method is to wrench the canister to a connecter+heater combo, then immediately unwrench it. This fills up the heater and connector with a bit of gas, the less gas in heater the faster it heats it up. Leave the heater on until it reaches 100C, it then starts burning inside the heater. After it reaches a few thousand degrees inside the heater, wrench your canister on the connector to start a burn in the whole canister. All further fuel canisters can be simply wrenched down on the preheated connector to start the ignition. 2 such canisters should last something under an hour, assuming you leave the pump that goes into TEG at 4500kpa.
  5. The other day I found an actual practical use case for the pneumatic valve. I'd welcome others share if they found any use of these obscure devices. In the attached picture, you can see how to setup a pressure release vent, that vents excess pipe pressure. Green square is the main pipe that you want to regulate. Blue square pump rate setting indicates at how high pressure the valve opens. Other pump is set to 200 rate. Red square is excess gas vent. This contraption works by maintaining a fraction of main pipe gas inside the control input of the pneumatic valve. You can use this setup to make sure a TEG loop doesn't choke on too high pressure.
  6. As much as it's entertaining to look at one person destroying an entire nukie squad because they know how to press a canister button, it leads to a very lame meta of a whole game mode being decided by a singular player. Is crew suicide bombing or otherwise bombing their own station to bits desirable nuclear operative gameplay? It's mechanically identical to a single player being able to cast a restart round vote and have it automatically pass.
  7. No I don't want to mouseover my gun and press E. No I don't want to break my finger and press Z. No I don't want to manually control every individual finger my character has. Shooting a gun is reaching https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/QWOP levels of stupid. Make the character decide when to toggle gunbolt automatically when needed. There's no reason certain people should have an ingame advantage because they have better binds or use macros for shotguns. LEFT CLICK = FIRE easy stuff please God I'm gonna scream
  8. I'd like to open up a discussion with player suggestions to improve admin-run game events. As SS14 matures, there will be undoubtedly many admin-run events and it would be a good idea to get some player feedback. I'll start with a suggestion: Newly joined players should be notified of current ongoing events so they can adjust their roleplay expectations. In some SS13 servers this was done with a big chat message saying that there's an ongoing event. Since SS14 chat log is a much smaller part of the UI, a simple text popup window with brief explanation would work better, similar to how server rules are displayed for new players. Would help prevent confusion and undesired interactions between participants. As for the content of events, that's as subjective as storytelling so I don't have much to say about that. Personally I believe events that remove players from a round should involve a way for them to get back into a round, but cheapening death in such a way/reinforcements may not work for all events. Feel free to contribute.
  9. I apologize for making this thread in the incorrect section, wasn't aware there is a staff complaints subforum. You can make this public if you wish, it's not conforming to the subforum template so it will at least be another example of what not to do.
  10. In round #31252 the admin Repo instigated a lynching of entire security department, I was a late join security officer. HOS called us to bridge for a meeting, a fake security officer with a scientist PDA starts talking about a mutiny, I handcuff the mutinier. Then HOS proceeds to shoot everyone on bridge with his SMG, critting me. Later on HOS is using syndicate gear to attempt to kill me a second time, with other people assisting him. After ahelping this self antag behavior I was told by admin Repo to "help him out" despite him trying to kill me twice. I proceed to try to get information from admin Repo as to what is even going on, I receive no response until I am dead. Allegedly tried to subtle message me, but I don't even know where such a message is supposed to show up and how am I supposed to notice during such a situation. I'm frankly pissed that an entire department got lynched and blatant grief was labeled as an event.
  11. Often I choose to click observe in the game menu instead of clicking join. Am I considered antag rolling when I just want to play a ghost role instead of normal humanoid+job?
  12. My experience with the character of security officer/hos Giovanni Mariotti was only positive, but I don't greytide or antagonize security so I might be in the minority. I also have no evidence to back this up, but it's an equally proven claim to the ones made above me.
  13. Despite there being 2 separate answers pertaining to the topic of checking a PDA by security, there is still immense confusion among players about what is metagaming. I've had the following answers quoted to me as evidence that opening a PDA and clicking "settings" to check what apps are on it is metagaming. Despite the answers talking about ringtones. I believe a clearer, more succinct clarification would help here. Or perhaps I am wrong and it is me who completely misunderstood the answers below.
  14. There's round replays now, so instead of making vague complaints (without paragraphs) you can directly link to examples of rounds where you see command acting as you say.
  15. I think combat outcome between crew and nukies is random regardless of power differences when stuns are in play. It doesn't matter how strong a gun is or how good an armor is when one party it stunned and cuffed. I think introducing alternative paths for nukies would help shake things up. In SS13 stealth nukies were viable because the stealth items available were 100% look-alikes and nukies had big shiny HUD indicators for their teammates regardless of what they were wearing. In SS14 there's lacking substitutes for PDAs and IDs (with proper coloration), so the operatives can never fit in as they will always have a blank looking passenger ID. Every other crewmember has a PDA color matched with their job- dead giveaway of any imposter if it doesn't match. Even if your teammates are disguised you will most likely mistake them for regular crew because there's no HUD indicator for nukies. Admin-enforced nukie stealth under ban threats was tried a few times from what I've seen, with nukies getting OOC protection despite everyone knowing that the "centcomm" or "ERT" in gasmasks are nukies. Personally I despise such intervention but it illustrates just how lacking the disguise options are.
  16. Exception for "OOC terms IC" should be added for teaching new players. LOOC does not show up above player characters, from experience rarely a new player scrolls up chat log to lookup what was said in LOOC. I can't get their attention without using OOC terms to direct them towards the chat log.
  17. As security if I see someone wearing armor, I check if they are a salvage specialist, head of staff or undercover security. If they are none of those, I will arrest them and take all their weapons and armor. Bartenders get a pass on their armor/shotgun as long as they don't abuse it, but not on any other armor like the full body riot suit that spawns on some maps and people love to rush. Salvage specialists still get their armory-tier weapons stripped if they are dumb enough to carry them visibly in their suit slot. I won't even ask you to surrender the armor and guns, if you are dressed for combat I will always assume you are armed and will not give you time to attack me. If you're displaying any syndicate gear at all, even if it's just EVA, I will treat you as any loud syndicate agent. Bonus points if I have lethals and the gear is covered by the below rule, I will crit you on sight. Here's a very nice server rule about this: Suspect is wearing clothing or showing immediately dangerous equipment only used by enemy agents/antagonists (ex: Syndicate EVA Suit, Bloodred Hardsuit, Holoparasprite, C-20R, etc.). Anyone wearing or displaying this equipment may be engaged with lethal force, no questions asked. If you have "just" syndicate clothing, I will arrest and search you every time I see you wearing it. I'll also take any syndicate bag to evidence, and any syndicate clothing that gives you any combat advantage. I'll also perma you for having "maints loot" syndi gear such as the sharp pen or EVA that spawns on some maps.
  18. Do you think writing the opposite of what you wish to communicate helps you in some manner to communicate?
  19. Most shifts I've observed repeating patterns play out, in no particular order they are repeated without fail and are done by different people. Most happen every shift. From point of view of security: -Someone rushes map specific loot, gets caught and argues that it's "maints loot" so it's their right to keep as they found it, despite it being a gun/ammo/syndicate gear/combat armor/melee weapon -A greytider with full toolbelt and insuls, uses them to break into a room, starts a shift-long grudge when their tools/gloves/weapons are confiscated -Lawyer scoops any gear not nailed down in brig, flashes, cuffs, armor, sechuds. Tries to "sue" exclusively security members when any gear is confiscated from them or greytiders. -At least 3 people will hug the brig door and rush in the second it opens, usually mimes, clowns, musicians, greytiders, any job without a work department. They will never leave unless forcibly removed, then they will spend the rest of the shift loitering in front of brig and throwing trash everywhere. -THAT guy with boxing gloves that punches people in hallway then screams how it's just stamina damage (it's not), gets pissed when someone fights back and punches them or arrests them for it -"hallway patrollers" that will spend entire shift walking in the hallways, rarely ever entering their department, usually wearing EVA gear, insuls, full toolbelt and some sort of melee weapon or a gun in their bag -opportunistic "pullers" during arrests. More often than not, if there is anyone nearby when I'm arresting someone, they will immediately drag them/me a pixel away to interrupt the attempt. -a guy with networking tool linking all lights/airlocks and toggling them from a safe place -someone repainting every accessible airlock -warden/hos roundstart bolting armory/half of brig entry doors/all maints, power goes out and is surprised they can't get to guns or leave brig And my personal favourite: 1. syndicates openly using explosives/guns/killing people 2. warden/hos refuses to give out lethals to officers because "it's not red alert", keeps carrying a lethal firearm themselves 3. if lethals are miraculously given out, the second any syndicate dies they will ask for all guns back, all green, there's no more threat possible (lol) 4. repeat 2. until warden and hos dies because nobody from security officers but them can be trusted with a lethal gun
  20. It's not a space law either. Recommend you read your sources before making claims.
  21. I was the HoS in this round. The only APC deconstructed in brig that I've seen was the one in permabrig, which was deconstructed by what I assumed was a syndicate agent breaking into armory. The same person spaced entire permabrig, all the way to security officer locker room. They were caught/shot after I saw them deconstructing a wall to armory.
  22. If you want to be taken seriously, I recommend you change your attitude about approaching an argument. Especially when the very next post you make is as ignorant as this. There's no cameras on shuttles, cargo can dock a supply shuttle directly onto their salvage shuttle. Not even worth going into all the lack of viability of keeping track of what cargo is doing, from outside the cargo department, while also doing anything else as security.
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