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  1. Ill unban you. Dont do that kind stuff again and be chill. Ill note your username. Learn and move on.
  2. I'll accept this appeal. Don't do dumb stuff again and be chill. I'll change the ban into a one day ban. I'll note your username. Learn and move on.
  3. Copy pasting ban appeal for the fifth time won't help your case. It would've been better if it were the same pasta since im not going to read all 5 (different) appeals. All of your actions deserve for a perma but that is my opinion. I will reject your appeal but my decision can be revoked by the main admin that banned you or a wizard. Don't spam appeals ffs.
  4. First off, making a ban appeal one day after being banned would already be rejected. Second, no, you're character name is not "Nomy Berserker" (its "Nomy Aceman") but whetever. Trying to justify killing 5 peoples because you wanted revenge from a previous match is what we call "meta grudge" and that's bannable. That was the first and only excuse you gave in discord after being banned. I will accept your realisation of your mistakes but don't end it with "i will report if anyone does". Sounds like you are denying your mistakes. I'll end this by denying this appeal. Ill reban you for a week and it shall not be changed. I'll note your username.
  5. Ill unban. Be chill, ill note your username. Learn and move on.
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