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  1. Hello there, thankfully you used the correct appeal format. I have several questions to ask: Why did you attempt to evade the questions asked by the banning administrator multiple times before they gave up and gave you the boot? You were also given an appeal-only roleban as a chemist. You were at first given a warning until you decide to argue with the banning admin and argued that you were proud of forcefeeding poisonous pills and that you 'don't care'. Given your past history how would we know you won't do this again?
  2. Administrator consensus is to accept your appeal. You will be able to play again. Please do not engage in metacommunications in the future.
  3. Administrator consensus is to accept your appeal. You will be able to play again. Please do not engage in metacommunications in the future.
  4. Administrator consensus is to accept your appeal. In it's place, we will be enacting a warden and HoS roleban which is appeal-only. If you wish, you may submit a new appeal for the roleban in two (2) weeks. Do note that any attempts to place yourself in the two positions mentioned will count as ban evasion and will be dealt with a game ban. I
  5. I would also like to chip in that I have heard several reports of you leaving your position as a security officer to become an 'Ian bodyguard' even after I explicitly told you in an AHELP relay to stop doing it.
  6. Hello again. Here is what I found in logs: 1. Round start, you went into the armory to inspect weapons. It is there that you decide to pocket two weapons on green alert - an mk58 pistol and more notably a laser rifle. 2. You proceeded to hand out weapons as a warden for seemingly no reason. I can find at least four people you handed out to: the chef, the musician, a sec cadet, and someone unknown. 3. You then proceeded to cuff Lew Pel for being 'a birthday boy'. Notably, I do not find any records of you attempting to uncuff him or asking him to uncuff himself. You proceeded to pull maintenance closets instead (which I hope wasn't an attempt to lock him in) 4. You decide to arrest what I assume is a random tider for no reason, which was there you finally got caught and rightfully chewed out. 5. During that time the HoS told you to uncuff them, and bizzarely you went for the perma prisoner unrelated to your incident. Of course, the HoS is furious. 6. You try to defend yourself, but got hit with a foam event. Most notably, this incident and the next is so short that I doubt you went AWOL as you said. I believe you were still in security. 7. You finally decided to use the laser gun you pocketed at round start to RDM the HoS. You fail, say 'fuck you', and that was when the banning administrator decided to contact you. I have a few questions to ask: Why did you pocket guns at shift start? Why did you hand out weapons to randoms for no reason? Why did you leave out cuffing Lew Pel? Why did you mention going AWOL? How would we know you would not do this again?
  7. Hello there. It appears you may have missed the date of ban. Our resources indicate that you were banned on 13/01/2023.
  8. I would like to clarify that this is incorrect. If a person being questioned DCed midway, we are obligated to appeal ban them to continue the discussion on the forums. Regardless, may I know why you decided it was a good idea to try and kill the HoS?
  9. Could you provide us the link to the appeal? Username would be helpful too.
  10. Hello there. I am bringing this up because from the get-go, you have shown a frankly unwarranted hostility towards the banning administrator Chief_Engineer. The timeline of events were brought up because you appeared believe that the admin is going out of his way to shame you during IC. Similar hostility is represented in both AHELP relays with him and this thread, where you made snide remarks against him. But yes, you are right, I am getting ahead of myself. This has, frankly, gone on too long. Unanimous administrator consensus is to deny this appeal. You may reappeal this ban in one (1) month.
  11. As per your previous appeal, the ruling administrator said that you need a voucher of good behavior from another SS13/SS14 server to appeal your next ban, as shown below: May I know if you could you provide one?
  12. Please do not post additional appeals. Especially one with childish comments like this.
  13. Hello there. A few things I would like to mention. Firstly, please use the appeal format attached below if you want your appeal to be considered: Secondly, this appeal is naturally denied due to your sudden outburst shown in this area. To my knowledge, you posted it as a direct result of a moderator in our discord asking you not to discuss your ban here. The post is shown here: Thirdly, I would like to explain why you were banned. You weren't banned specifically because of the lack of a name change, but rather because you disconnected while being questioned by an admin. The policy is put into place because many people assumed that they can escape questioning by disconnecting. We have the appeals process so you can have the opportunity to explain yourself, in addition to appealing a ban. This appeal is denied. You are free to appeal in one (1) month. However, we kindly suggest you fix your behavior during the next appeal and acquire a voucher of good behavior from another server if you want your appeal to be seriously considered.
  14. Hello there. After extensive diving through our logs, it appears your testimony was somewhat misguided. The timeline of events show that: The warden tries to pull you, probably away from fuel tank You welderbomb You enters crit A secoff starts dragging you, probably either to medbay or the brig You dies during that You are killsign smited 30 sec later the secoff stops dragging you A musician starts dragging you A scientist starts dragging you You got gibbed The banning administrator pickup your brain and 10 seconds later throw it into perma, then rename it I fail to see how the banning administrator supposedly 'shamed you', when most of it was handled IC. He did not reveal any personal information including your ss14 username or the like, and just used a smite tool at most.
  15. Hello there. May I know if you two have played together or is it more like individual sessions?
  16. Unanimous administrator consensus is to deny your appeal. You may reappeal in two (2) weeks. We kindly suggest that if you wish your ban to be seriously considered for an appeal, please put more effort into your next appeal in regards of both content and writing.
  17. I'm feeling lost here. How did the administrator publicly shammed you in OOC? Who paraded you to perma, was it the banning admin or security?
  18. Administrator consensus is to accept your appeal. Do be noted that under our banning policy, the next ban would be a voucher ban with a minimum waiting time of six (6) months.
  19. In the AHELP relay with the banning admin you mentioned a few things that seem to contradict your above message. These are: You are aware the jailed person is a bomber - contradicting your character witnessing an unjust and problematic situation You were trying to break out the prisoner - with clear intention that seems to juxtapose with your supposed poorly executed welderbombing You agreed that welderbombing is wrong, but then say that it's not wrong and is humorous in certain situations. You've already been banned for 3 day for welderbombing arrivals prior to this. Simply put, we could use a more in-depth clarification and perspective on what you did that day and your clear-cut stance on welderbombing. I also take issue with this comment, as the commenting admin was trying to demonstrate that you missed out info that was mentioned in the first appeal.
  20. Hello there. Prior to this ban, you've accumulated several notes and bans which all share a similar reason. These are: 06/01/2023 - Mass vandalism 07/01/2023 - Killing your own rat king as a servant. 3 Day Game Ban. 11/01/2023 - Mass vandalism and RDM. In an AHELP relay an administrator you cited 'enjoyment' as a reason for your actions, and acted oblivious to rules saying 'what rules' & 'this isn't a word'. You were also asked to read the rules by the admin. 17/01/2023 - RDM as a non-antag. 1 Day Game Ban 30/01/2023 - You, as a captain, seeing that a random corpse was being beat up by a player named 'I See Beavers' with a fireaxe, proceeded to join in and beat the corpse leading it to be gibbed. Simply put, I have a few questions to ask: 1) May we know, to your recollection, a full outline of events that led to the gibbing? 2) In an AHELP relay, you mentioned citing believing the downed player 'killing the wardens dog' and 'spiders' as justification to gibbing it. What led you to believe this happened, and why didn't you call security or bring the corpse to medical for inquiry? 3) You have a prolific history of RDM. How would we know this would not happen again?
  21. May I know how you knew they got banned around the same time as you if you are not sure who you were playing with?
  22. In case you are confused, the phrase 'appeal-only' means that unless this ban is successfully appealed in our forums, you will remain banned indefinitely. If the previous appeal was rejected by the admin team, you must wait for one (1) month before you could make a new one. Regardless, could you provide more context to the timeline of events before you were ultimately banned? And how would we know if you would not do this again?
  23. Administrator consensus is to accept your appeal.
  24. Administrator consensus is to deny your appeal. If you are still unsure if you aren’t going to go SSD as a command staff, it is perhaps best that you do not play as command. You may appeal this ban in two (2) weeks.
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