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  1. I would also like to add this: the ss13/ss14 series isn't like any other game I've ever seen. Nowhere else are you able to interact with other players in such a personal and fun way. The text chat function and the different roles make it so that no round is the same. This is especially apparent in ss14, where almost anything can happen. The game gives players such a degree of freedom to make each round stand out, not only in a role-play aspect, but also in a gameplay aspect, that it is almost unparalleled in anything else out there. If my previous post's conclusion comes off too harsh for some
  2. SS14 account: Xcreeper20 Character name: Don't remember When was the ban: I have no clue, its been too long Server you were playing on when banned: N/A Your side of the story: I'm not sure to be quite honest. I was apparently banned for "trolling and because I was "on thin ice". I do remember breaking some lightbulbs, but in all honesty, I don't think that's really trolling since that doesn't entirely affect anyone else's game play once the janitor fixes them. Plus, it actually gives the janitor something to do. Why you think you should be unbanned: I was already on thin ice for genuine
  3. SS14 account: Xcreeper20 Character name: N/A When was the ban: Around 7/21/21 Server you were playing on when banned: N/A Your side of the story: The game won't let me join any servers because it says I am an alt of Xcreeper20, even though I am using Xcreeper20. It doesn't make sense. Why you think you should be unbanned: Because I'm not using an alt.
  4. Yes actually. I had a few accounts that I would use, but obviously I won’t continue using them due to their sole use for trolling. Since I won’t need to jump around servers and whatnot I won’t be using them and will be deactivating/deleting them.
  5. Character name: I believe it was Samuel Hyde or something like that When was the ban: 6/12/21 Server you were playing on when banned: Don't remember, probably lizard Your side of the story: I admit I was a bit of a troll and honestly I understand how that can upset people. For that I apologize. Although I do sometimes kill or arrest for petty reasons, I don't (typically) do it out of malicious intent, and only do it to add some flavor to the RP aspect of ss14. That being said, I understand why people don't always like that and feel I have taken it too far. Why you think you should be unba
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