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  1. if its not the default port (1212 iirc) you do need to include it
  2. afaik zombies were recently changed to deal less friendly damage
  3. following on from this, what counts as syndicate items for treatment as confirmed antagonists? i see there being 3 ways of getting syndicate items: 1. items bought from uplink 2. items obtained from salvage *and explicitly told to anyone relevant* like c20rs, blood-red magboots, syndie bags 3. items that are mapped roundstart such as the cybersun pen on marathon or syndicate duffelbag on barratry does how you get it affect treatment as an antag, such as buying a cybersun pen from a traitors unlocked uplink versus digging it out of the rocks. Does the lethality/hostility of an item affect it? For example, a syndie bag on barratry is not dangerous compared to a c20r from station wreck. do they get different treatment?
  4. > If I deny for someone to be a command job because they might be a syndicate agebt or deny them to be two jobs, is it validhunting? If it is then thats crazy man. no jaylee is just malding if you make a tider hos you will probably be bwoinked
  5. for ftling to centcom you need to wait until ~30s before evac before its available so everyone arrives at similar times
  6. im not an admin but mining station is english speaking and im told their vouchers are accepted, maybe hop on some time
  7. if were gonna peanut post, RC is not for reviewing past ahelps or bans
  8. its still pretty strong, another 5 tc for a jammer and some cuffs, now you can easily kill most people provided they arent in public
  9. not an admin but: - use your actual ss14 account bozo - explain why you physically cannot play without using a vpn
  10. slipping was changed to be friction based rather than fling you N tiles
  11. even if you dont know who called it still ahelp it, admins can read logs
  12. i have seen bad things happen to people that do it so ahelp it and they might get rolebanned its shitter behaviour just becuase muh i dont like map
  13. have console open (`) and see if any errors pop up after selecting a midi
  14. if you recently updated check if libfluidsynth.so.2 (iirc) is still fine
  15. a few times i was syndie with you and can attest the roleplay bit, we show up in bloodreds and discuss plans or trade items, pretty good rp even for a psychotic maniac. i also know you dont really attack people that dont try playing hero (me) as nukie or bloodred with fireaxe, so not a murderboner
  16. i was in this round as i, as the passenger, helped save det from you and your friend killing him. you were being a shitter well before this (not to mention you obviously know the other player and could easily be communication with them) and taking advantage of the fact that you can only really arrest 1 person at a time, in order to kill det for seemingly no reason. I also think after you and your buddy got critted and dragged to med you both disconnected, but not sure.
  17. your shuttle is probably broken, check it against ones in Maps/Shuttles/
  18. Scientists can drag crit or alive monkeys to artifact to kill them for the Life Essence trigger.
  19. basically it is not clear how much IC knowledge there is of the syndicate so im gonna ask for some broad clarification does the crew know how agents: - exist at all before assassinations, etc - operate in any capacity - can get equipment delivered to them - disguise these uplinks, if at all in the case of nukies (is using their uplink radios meta??!?!?) - operate these uplinks if discovered this is in the context of lrp though might be applied to mrp i dunno
  20. hop usually raids eva and qm usually raids salvage tho it would be cool so every head has a hardsuit, although: 1. hop out of office, kos 2. qm doesnt really need to go outside since usually in cargo or the shuttle
  21. oh yeah i forgot to mention that, gotta use the hotkey not verb then it works fine
  22. just examine something like a wall first i have no idea what causes it but you dont need to relog
  23. average ss14 admin: appeal ban shitter that welderbombs then leaves when bwoinked average darkrp admin: threatens to ban ic as epic roleplay, bans for a month for using grav gun, sends your ip in chat if you upset him
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