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About Me

I'm a former Space Station 13 player who discovered the game in 2019 while searching for games similar to Mush, another space game which I was playing at the time. I liked Space Station 13 and it was pretty high on my list of favorite games of all time, but I didn't like how Byond kept crashing all the time. Plus the game kept storing thousands of temporary files on my Onedrive when I played and then deleting them when I closed the game, so Onedrive kept sending me notifications saying my account may have been hacked...

I've been pretty busy in 2021 and no longer have time to play Space Station 13, but I hope that by the time I have enough spare time to play it (probably some time in 2022 / 2023) this game will be done so I can play this instead and not have to deal with Byond.

Back on SS13 I used to play Goonstation mainly, but I occasionally played a few /tg/ rounds too. And yes, I always used to buy kudzu as traitor on goon. Everyone found it really annoying, but all that matters is that the vines reign supreme :)

I'm kind of on the fence between this game and Unitystation, and will probably commit myself more to whichever remake becomes more popular. Both games have their advantages and disadvantages, and I think it's good this game has competition as it will give the developers of both games incentive to work harder and improve their games. I think SS3D is doomed to fail though, they'll never be able to make 3D sprites for every single item from SS13.

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