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  1. So I recently found an io game called schoolbreak.io, which I think is pretty fun and (surprisingly) reminds me of Space Station 13. Basically, you play as either a student or a teacher and roles are randomly assigned at the start of the round. Students cause chaos around the school while trying to avoid being caught by the teachers. Teachers try to catch the students causing chaos and send them to detention. Students win if they generate a certain amount of chaos, while teachers must prevent the chaos from reaching this level until the game's time limit is up. The game reminds me of
  2. Sounds pretty cool. At first half the districts could be human and half could be vox, and perhaps it could eventually have more races as well so each district is a different race. For example, there could be one human district, one vox district, one lizardpeople district, one plasmaman district, one mothpeople district, one ethereal district, one podpeople district, and one flypeople district. (But hopefully a felinid district would never be added.) The members of each district have the goal of surviving and helping each other survive but are allowed to collaborate with or grief other dis
  3. Obviously they won't have every single antagonist type from ss13 at launch, but hopefully whatever they don't add can be added later either by official devs or on community servers. Also probably not all of them would end up being present on the same server at the same time. So feel free to post what antagonists you would like to see in the final game. I'll start: Main antagonists (roundstart spawns): From /tg/: Traitor, Changeling, Nukies, Revs, Blood cult, Clock cult (Hail Ravtar), Wizards, Families, Heretics From goon: Conspirator (but only in rp servers), spy thief
  4. Just don't add felinids as a race at all. People who like catgirls can code their own server if they want but not on the official servers. The idea of a race of humanoid cats is way outdated, it would have been cool in 2006 when everyone thought cats were funny but in recent times the catgirls and furries have taken over and ruined it for everyone.
  5. Make Monkeys Robust Again
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