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  1. To be entirely transparent. I think I speak on behalf of most admins when I say, we really don't want you In this community whatsoever, and suggest you find another game to play. If any admins feel otherwise to my statement, please make it known.
  2. Considering the appeal is comprehensible, and this is a first offense, I think an unban is fine. But I'll wait for the word of the banning admin @Schiene and let them make the final decision
  3. If you want to say things like that, I suggest running your own server. Official Servers do not allow such language, even when you're the only player on.
  4. Let's not forget its more than just an RDM
  5. Appeal Accepted, However anymore use of such language, even jokingly, will lead to a re-ban, especially when you've been told to stop in the past
  6. This needs to be closed or accepted, It's been sitting for awhile
  7. AFAIK ducks cant be house trained, but maybe somehow they can, I've just never heard of it and have always heard they cant.
  8. nope, birds cant be, they cant control it, I'm assuming they just cut the parts of them making a mess out of the video and cleaned it before recording again
  9. b340f562cd57ce619a29c3cf6e8b322ba64af94dca2f4f40910aa70b089891a1_1.mp4
  10. the clown put a shit load of water into the bucket and spilled it all over the hallways making everyone slip
  11. so you only take bans seriously if they are permanent? yet *another* reason why your ban will likely stay permanent.
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