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  1. SS14 isn't its own game, it's an entire infrastructure of a game engine, a launcher, authentication and login system, and SS14. It's a replacement for byond. At any time anyone can make an entirely different game using the robust toolbox game engine, single or multiplayer, and host it and have it on the hub. Or host their own space station 14 server.
  2. you can see what the admin panels look like by hosting a server yourself in a development environment, while they arent perfect, when combined with debug tools like variable viewer they can be incredibly robust in the right hands. and do some crazy stuff, removing the properties of insulated gloves is as simple as removing a single component from the gloves entity/item. I believe there is also an admin smite with the same capabilities as that.
  3. this should be more intuitive to learn/figure out
  4. For the official servers, you would need the codes for the nuke, which only spawn during nukie rounds, or by an admin. generally, you will never be given them.
  5. My favorite strat is buying my gear and then being murdered by a clown because I walked around his banana peel.
  6. https://github.com/space-wizards/space-station-14/tree/master/Resources
  7. You should go and live in the Alaskan wilderness.
  8. They took down the original because it had a switch emulator on the steam deck they showed
  9. You have admitted to creating an alternate account for the purpose of ban evasion. Why you would think there is no issue with that is beyond me. Because of the ban evasion, your 24 hour ban has been elevated to an appeal only ban. The ban is because you created an alternate account for the purpose of ban evasion.
  10. I could see something like a wayfinding pinpointer, wall maps having actual UI, or having handheld mass scanners which doesnt really work for the purpose of a map, but an actual minimap in this game doesn't really make much sense to me
  11. 297948116_625934008796977_543658125509601771_n.mp4
  12. The NSA Will never get my ducks. I own several firearms.
  13. You have been unbanned from the discord, and we can speak in VC about this.
  14. I think rane has summed this up perfectly
  15. My guy, let me explain it for you. You get banned, Someone (probably you) with the same IP makes multiple accounts and screams racial slurs over radio chat. Stop making threads on these forums, your appeal cannot and will not be processed here.
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