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  1. 297948116_625934008796977_543658125509601771_n.mp4
  2. The NSA Will never get my ducks. I own several firearms.
  3. the food sucked
  4. what should I get
  5. You have been unbanned from the discord, and we can speak in VC about this.
  6. I think rane has summed this up perfectly
  7. My guy, let me explain it for you. You get banned, Someone (probably you) with the same IP makes multiple accounts and screams racial slurs over radio chat. Stop making threads on these forums, your appeal cannot and will not be processed here.
  8. Hello, this ban is for Nyanotrasen, not Wizard's Den. this ban did not occur on lizard, but on Nyanotrasen.moe, As such your appeal cannot be processed here, please join the Nyanotrasen discord (link on the website) and DM me (I am the host) in order to continue the appeal process.
  9. You're appeal is really just, heavily low effort. Being impaired is not a valid excuse for your actions, even if it is an explanation, it does not make you free of fault.
  10. This appeal is going to need to be considerably more detailed. Ban was from April 1st.
  11. You did not realized that attempting to bypass a ban was a ban-able offense? If bypassing a ban was not a ban-able offense, there would be no point to ban anyone, as they would just make alts.
  12. Felinids, someday, on a fork, very soon
  13. Github Discussions? That's where ideas go to die.
  14. Why was this needlessly broken into two separate threads
  15. The main reason is that /tg/ sprites are more recognizable, also low walls and windows were kinda wonky, the old sprites were from CEV Eris
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