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  1. Appeal Accepted, However anymore use of such language, even jokingly, will lead to a re-ban, especially when you've been told to stop in the past
  2. This needs to be closed or accepted, It's been sitting for awhile
  3. AFAIK ducks cant be house trained, but maybe somehow they can, I've just never heard of it and have always heard they cant.
  4. nope, birds cant be, they cant control it, I'm assuming they just cut the parts of them making a mess out of the video and cleaned it before recording again
  5. b340f562cd57ce619a29c3cf6e8b322ba64af94dca2f4f40910aa70b089891a1_1.mp4
  6. the clown put a shit load of water into the bucket and spilled it all over the hallways making everyone slip
  7. so you only take bans seriously if they are permanent? yet *another* reason why your ban will likely stay permanent.
  8. Unfunny, yet another reason your current ban will likely stay permanent.
  9. I lean no on this. you were warned multiple times, you then were then temp banned, and yet you persisted, and now are perma banned. there is no place for bigoted hate speech or exhaustive jokes about minorities in Space Station 14. If you cant understand that, you shouldn't be here. some admins/badmins would have perma'd you the first time you did it
  10. Peanut-post in the Ban Appeals forum at your own risk. If an admin thinks your post isn't funny or relevant to the discussion, it'll be removed and you'll be punished.
  11. Ban Reduced to 1 Week.
  12. I permabanned you for the first 3 reasons, and specifically stated for you to make an appeal on the forums for a reduced ban. This isn't me grudging and permabanning you because you RDMed an admin. Also, this isn't your first ban, I've dealt with you in the past.
  13. 1. Blantant Self-Antag 2. RDM of a player (AFK or Not) 3. You have 102.7 Hours, you know not to RDM and/or Self Antag, you are not a new player, you have no excuse for what you did. 4. Did you say ONE of the murders was me? so you MRDMed?
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