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  1. i can't find the edit button, i think editing once was the limit, oh well. i tried to make it easier for you, but thats that i guess
  2. i will remove them though, but i felt it would be important, but if it is as bothersome as you say, sure i will go ahead and do it.
  3. right i just checked a different ban appeal, it'll be something like this, no?
  4. yeah he confirmed it with me, so we're good on that. ummm also, i will receive a reply such as "yes" or "no" or something like that right? or if its been declined, will i not receive any reply within a certain time?
  5. SS14 account: Restless_Samuel Character name: Ash Radley, or Dane Tennant (one of those, I think, if not then my other char.: Arthur Schrader) I am not entirely sure, I do not remember exactly. Type of Ban: Game Ban (ban appeal only) Date of Ban and Duration: Well I have not been on yesterday much, if at all, not today either, as I am banned. But Friday/30.9. 2022 I was definitely on (today is Sunday). Reason for Ban: "Poisoning drinks and injecting/spiking crewmembers during extended. This is your third strike, appeal on our forums: link" Server you were playing on when banned: Wizard's Den Lizard Your side of the story: Well, honestly there is not much to say. I... just wanted to have some fun I guess, found it funny. I also think that it was extended instead of secret, but I am not sure, as I said I "think". But either way I was not an antagonist. Truly, there is not much I can justify myself with. I took it lightly that others had their fun ruined because of me, which wasn't really nice or fair of me. All in all, I have not much to say in regards to my side of the story, but to confess. I confess that, yes I did make poison/toxin, yes I did inject it into crew members/players, yes I did put it into food and drinks, yes I did get arrested (had to leave before punishment was received, so yeah), yes I did lie to crew members about not spiking the food. That is all my confessions, and all are true. I spoke truth, and nothing but truth. Why you think you should be unbanned: As much as I ruined the game for others by doing what I did before I got banned this time, and another time in the past, I am also capable of playing normally. Normally in the sense that I just do my job as others do, play the game, not causing trouble. Though I will have to get used to it, I won't do it again (if I happen to get unbanned), because I know that I won't be able to turn back if I do this again. I know, I am aware that if you let this one slide, have me play, and I betray your trust, I will get permanently banned, and I don't want that, here I still have the chance to appeal, so. I don't know what I can bring if I get unbanned that others don't have, but I know that I will not repeat my actions to ruin the game for other people, because not only do I ruin it for them, I also ruin it for myself, just like I did now. I do think this ban was fair and justified, there is nothing I can say to deny that, because even I am aware of what I did, and that I am completely in the wrong. Anything else we should know: If I do happen to be forgiven, thank you and I will give it my all to not repeat what I did this time around, and in the past, but these may just be empty words to you, but it will always be my actions that show whether I lied or spoke the truth.. If I won't be forgiven for a while, if at all, I can't say I won't be sad, upset, mad, but I did this to myself and there is nothing I can do about it, but appeal again after a while, or never be forgiven and never appeal again. I just wish to say that I am sorry, that is all. Thank you for reading this, and I wish you a happy rest of the day. Attachment is taken from the Salamander, because Lizard was full, and it was not showing the ban message, so I went to Salamander to take the picture. P.S. My brother also plays SS14 and loves playing on Wizard's Den Lizard, so if I was IP banned, he might be as well. Last time this happened, he was very mad at me, so if I will continue to be banned, I want to ask for a favor, and that is to just keep me banned, and not him. Thank you, again. (edit: he just gave me confirmation that he is not banned, but yeah)
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