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  1. SS14 account: Fellowsinspace Character name: Henry Marshall Type of Ban Request: I would like to request a game ban so I can get help. Date of Ban and Duration requested: I believe a game ban of 6 months would work best in my situation Reason for Ban Request: Addiction and Educational focuses. Server you would like to be banned from: All Wizard Den Servers and Outer Rim Why you think you should be banned: I think I'm starting to get a small addiction to videogames and believe it's hurting my life. I am not in any financial troubles nor in any danger, but I think I'm spending too much time on Space Station 14 and need a break. The amount of time I have spent on SS14 compared to personal responsibilities is slowly rising and I fear if I do not take action this light addiction could become worse. I've already uninstalled the game and wanted to ban myself to "put the nail in the coffin" so I cannot return and get help. Anything else we should know I've enjoyed my time here and hope to return in the future, but it is in my best interest to improve my life and go touch some grass. Note: If I try to appeal before my game ban expires, please deny it I need the 6 months off.
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