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  1. Ive been wondering about this one for a while now, can anyone tell me?
  2. ok I did not know that thanks for telling me
  3. im gonna put the last picture i made before getting banned
  4. 1 the picture you sent is not me 2 no i did not greif anyone or break anything ( except some beakers )
  5. Edit: i was banned from all wizard's den servers
  6. in the meanwhile im gonna play on nanotrysen.moe
  7. SS14 account: Obungus Character name: Jerald Hill i think or Branden Hill Type of Ban: Server ban Date of Ban and Duration: sept 23, 2022 appeal only Reason for Ban: "Water Potas bombed chem, left the second I questioned them" Server you were playing on when banned: Wizard's Den Lizard Your side of the story: So, while I was playing, I made some meds for the crew and my friend called me and said "yo wana play (unspecified game)?" and I said yes but I did not want to leave without a "Bang" on the ship, so I drank potassium and water repeatedly and it still did not kill me, and I just threw myself in a garbage can and as I was gonna leave the admin messaged me and I alt + f4 ed right as he messaged me. The admin probably mistaked it for grieving so yea. Why you think you should be unbanned: I think I should be unbanned because, your game is just so dang good man its better and easier to play than on the original ss13 also I am terribly sorry for that and I hope you understand. Also I mostly play janitor so the station does not look like shit every shift. Anything else we should know: nope that's it and I hope you reconsider my ban and understand. Also, just an idea if you guys still don't want to unban me you can just job ban me instead and thanks in advance.
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