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  1. SS14 account: MasterWong Character name: Schleim Type of Ban: game ban Date of Ban and Duration: Around semptember 20, permaban Reason for Ban: I wrote a story for the discord that references ERP and self antag Server you were playing on when banned: Lizard Your side of the story: You can read it in my previous Appeal, but long story short, I ERP'd with someone (jokingly, I'm not a groomer or something), Teamed up with a Vending Machine (wich was probably self antag, I'm still not sure) and I was kind of an asshole in my previous appeals withoput really noticing it. Why you think you should be unbanned: Well, the day I got banned I was a little pissed of of course, because I didn't really got the reason for being permabanned from a newly discovered game of mine for - in my eyes - not that big of a reason at that point. Thing is, I was uninformed about the strictness of american laws regarding sexual content that are not specifically marked 18+ in media, so I get the strict enforcement of the rule now and I probably shouldve read the server-rules with a little more attention. Now I am completely aware of the rules and their importance and I also get why I am permabanned, still I hope it's possible to get me unbanned, ss14 was a really fun experience, without ERP too :D In any case, thanks in advance, have a nice day
  2. Discord account: masterwong#2610 Commonly used names: MasterWong When was the ban: One day ago Your side of the story: Got banned from the discord after my Game ban, without getting a ban message. I get the game ban, even if I dont like it, but I obviously broke rules there. I don't think that was the case with discord, please correct me if I'm wrong here, probably has something to do with my Story post? Why you think you should be unbanned: I don't know the exact ban reason, but I don't think I violated your discord rules with my story. As said, I get the game ban, but I don't know why I should be completely banned for participating to the project for breaking game rules. Anything else we should know: I don't want to get on your nerves or something, feel free to close this Topic without an answer if you think this ban was justified. It's just that the discord is the best source for dev stuff, since I wouldnt know about ongoing projects if I'm not able to communicate, and the wiki doesnt answer all my questions. If I can't get back on the discord this way, I'll try it again in one month as you said and then stop bothering you. Still hope the project will get successful in the future, I really see a lot of potential for a better ss13 remake!
  3. Okay fuck, I kinda thought it was only explicit erp, but I couldn't find out where to re-read the rules after getting banned. Then I am sorry for breaking the rules and after this I WILL keep them in mind. I accept the ban, but I hope we can reduce it to a temporary one, because I was really happy to find a project I am this willing to contribute to. Would be a shame for me if I couldn't participate anymore for a mistake this dumb. Still having my opinions on it, but rules are rules and I am not deciding them
  4. Thats what I meant by exeggerated story (I mean c'mon, its a greentext). I see how that can be appropriate for the discord server and I am sorry for breaking the rules here, but the only thing that happened in-game was the vending machine mentioning its "flap getting touched", wich I think is an okay rp thing in a 16+ server. I don't believe ss14 is the kind of game where that kind of edgyness should be that much prohibited
  5. Also, sorry for sounding a little rude here, but as I said, my english isnt that good
  6. SS14 account: MasterWong Character name: Schleim Type of Ban: game ban Date of Ban and Duration: Perma Reason for Ban: Admitted self-antagging in discord. Extended to perma due to """secual tension""" Server you were playing on when banned: Lizard Your side of the story: Hi. I experienced a - to my eyes - very funny story I wanted to share on the discord. To make it a little funnier to read, I wrote it like the psychopath-scientist character I played as. So, I wrote that I wanted to help our enemy due to my "love story", even if I didn't know they where in fact hostile to the spaceship while playing. Further, I wrote about sexual roleplay, wich found place in a real childish and I would say even youtube friendly way, wich I didn't think would be included by the paragraph about it in the server rules. If it was, I'll be more careful next time, but I still want to add that I think this kind of harmless sexual roleplay, that fits into the context of the game should be allowed in games like ss14 (I know that doesn't matter for the appeal and I will follow the rules if they tell me otherwise, just a little sidenote) Why you think you should be unbanned: As explained above, the story I wrote was exeggerated and I didn't think the "sexual" roleplay would fall into this category at the moment. Thanks for the time you take and sorry for my bad english, it's a late where I come from...
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