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  1. Imma be honest, after I got banned i've been almost entirely playing shit on console with friends, so I haven't been playing anything on pc often
  2. SS14 account: AAAAAA Character name: Monte Osteen Type of Ban: Job ban from sci Date of Ban and Duration: 9/7/22 Reason for Ban: Not stated but assumed Server you were playing on when banned: Lizard Your side of the story: So I was doing normal sci shit. Talking with cargo, and I ask the RD if I can make a bomb. He then asks the Captain and says that I can. So I do, And then an admin fucking BLOWS ME UP. They then tell me that I shouldn't make bombs, when there was someone in the SAME ROOM also making a bomb. This person then stole my bomb parts and made MORE. The admin ignored this. I try to explain I had every permission that should be required and they just won't accept it. I then just chill for the rest of the round, bitching about it, like the fuckin livid bitch I was. After the shuttle left I tried to make another bomb but had no plastic, and then just detonated myself with ClF3 and then was job banned. Why you think you should be unbanned: I wouldn't use it unless needed, and I have proven this over time, and I'm not any sort of shitter. I just wanted a precaution if shit hit the fan. Anything else we should know: I was told that I had bombed something else soon after (i think it was evac) but I physically couldn't have done this because I fucking shut off my pc because I was mad right after this so I have no idea how I could have bombed anything in a round i wasn't part of
  3. been kinda a bit since this was posted, is it still being looked at or have I just not been told of something? Sorry if this sounds impatient it has just taken a while
  4. Exact same except the ban type because it was wrong earlier. Still haven’t been getting enough sleep.
  5. SS14 account: AAAAA Character name: I cannot remember anymore Type of Ban: Game ban caused by unconfirmed Role ban Date of Ban and Duration: Role ban, Permanent 9/7/22. Game ban, Appeal only 9/9/22 Reason for Ban: Using HoP to bypass role ban Server you were playing on when banned: Lizard Your side of the story: It started when I was playing as sci, doing what I usually did at the start, asking for permission to test and make bombs. I got permission from RD and cap, and started doing the normal shit, such as making deals with cargo. Once we had the materials for a chem machine I got to work on making an explosive. Halfway through I was murdered by an admin with no warning, and told that it was "a not so subtle hint to stop making bombs" so I argued for a short while and then stopped. I continued as usual, although a lot more pissed off, and didn't make more explosives, as the escape shuttle was seconds from leaving I had wanted to make one more to detonate myself as the round ended since there was nobody around and I assumed that it would be fine. Turns out, it wasn't fine. I stopped for the night and came back two days later, confused why I wasn't sci. My sleep deprived, dumb ass thought it was a little bug or something, asked HoP for sci, and went on with the round, bomb-free. Then the next round it happened again, I got a little more confused, but kept going, this round there were nukies, and I had no preparation for it. I quickly whipped up a bomb, found out they killed the cap and forgot the codes, detonated a nukie, killing myself, and the round ended with them getting bumrushed and dying. After this, I became really suspicious of a roleban, but kept going, submitting a post, and hoping I was told that I wasn't banned, and was just fucking dumb. What actually happened was me getting game banned, and being told to not prep for nukies with bombs, as it is dumb and that making weapons for when the round ended cannot be trusted, because some people do stupid shit. Why you think you should be unbanned: I wasn't actually sure that I was actually banned, because I was never actually informed that I was rolebanned, I was never warned that I was rolebanned while getting sci access for HoP, and I don't harm people without reasoning, or at least necessity. I would like at least one more chance to not be a moron, and to be much more careful. Anything else we should know: I did fuck up, but without being properly informed of any of this happening I feel that this is a bit harsh. Along with this, I was in a major state of sleep deprivation, and wasn't thinking properly. I also understand it looks hella sus that I made an appeal to the role ban, but I still wasn't sure, and in a state of delirium, I didn't think before I acted.
  6. SS14 account: AAAAA Character name: Monte Osteen Type of Ban: Job ban Date of Ban and Duration: I think it was 7/9/22 Reason for Ban: I was never informed it would even occur Server you were playing on when banned: Lizard Your side of the story: So, I was doing my sci chores of trying to sell things with an annoying cargo who refused to give me an appraisal tool, while also trying to get a bomb to take a precaution for if there were nukies, I was around halfway done when I was detonated by an admin with no warning and the only reason I recieved was around a minute and a half later when they said "that was a not so subtle hint to stop making bombs" while others around me made bombs and went unpunished. Then I continued the round, when the shuttle arrived, I wanted to find some plastic to make another, as to take part in the round end chaos. I never found the plastic and the round ended, now I seem to be entirely unable to play as sci. Why you think you should be unbanned: I was never informed of the ban beforehand and wasn't given more warning than being killed by admin without any idea why, I admit, I did attempt to make another bomb afterwards, but it was specifically to take part in the round end chaos. I never harmed anyone and didn't even plan to use the bomb unless it was necessary. Along with this, there were others who made bombs right next to me who went unpunished, and I have seen sci make large amounts of bombs in the past. Anything else we should know: Nothing that comes to mind
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