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  1. Hi there, while the IRF9530 is a p-channel mosfet (conducts with negative gate voltage), both the IRF640 & IRF740 are n-channel mosfet (conducts with positive gate voltage). Because of this difference alone, my (uneducated) guess would be that a drop-in replacement would not work. I'd recommend looking for a p-channel mosfet with similar stats as the IRF9530, or just to buy an actual IRF9530. That being said this forum is actually not dedicated to electronics, but the videogame Space Station 14, short SS14, so you'll probably get more qualified help elsewhere. Datasheets:
  2. I banned you because i got called in about you killing people, reasoning in ooc that "you just kinda felt like it". Joined to see you handcuff and drag around a player without provocation, all while not being antag. If you want to see how easy it is to kill people you wait until you become traitor, just like everyone else. Sorry, but i'm going to deny this appeal. I think two weeks is reasonable for this kind of behavior. I'd be glad to see you change for the better after your ban tho.
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