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  1. We know all of your connections came from the same computer. Appeal again in a month, i dont like liars.
  2. Noone got offended by you. You were banned because we got tired of you trying to start meaningless debates about the change of our icon to have the colors of the ukrainian flag and repeating the same senseless arguments over and over. We are a videogame(-discord), we dont exist for you to dish it out with others over politics. I'd have accepted this appeal, were it not for you insisting that your ban was purely due to someone getting offended, and not because you were misbehaving. Therefore i'm looking forward to you appealing again, but i'll deny this one.
  3. Hi Swept, you were banned from the Github repo as part of your general ban from the official SS14 project spaces due to your conduct, I believe specifically the Github ban was delayed just from us missing it at the time, so it's not a separate ban due to anything on Github itself.
  4. You are correct, you were hit in a ban wave. However i think you might be the one that should get his act together, not us.
  5. unbanning. however let it be noted that you are on thin ice
  6. I have 3 adminmessages sent to you spaced apart roughly 5 minutes each asking you about your name. Why didn't you answer? (We know you saw the messages, do not use that excuse)
  7. from what i can see, pedro should just tone done his toxicity a bit. you literally dont know when to stop do you? or am i wrong in seeing you literally double down in a ban appeal? all that gives me is indication that your ban should be longer since you dont seem to comprehend why you were banned to begin with.
  8. you already answered this one for yourself. He's done atrocities, is a controversial figure, we dont want people named after him running around our game servers. If you actually believe in what he does or not makes little to no impact in this case. nah, we are treating you like a man that tried to blame it all on a brother trying to get back at him (how original). Listen to yourself: The title of this appeal is literally "Yes, My Character's Name is Varg Vikernes - So What?". I'd be hardpressed to let you back onto the game servers if you dont understand why we'd have an issue with this. I do not believe for a second that your brother did jack-shit, and i'm starting to believe you actually genuinly believe the deranged shit varg vikernes spouts, judging from you reassuring you dont a bunch of times while never having been even remotely accused of that. Don't play us for fools
  9. Paul

    Ban appeal

    The reason is pretty clear, you used the nword, it says so in the ban reason. Also, please follow the template.
  10. Gotta come up with a better excuse than: I didn't do it. Ok maybe i did do it but im not white. Oh also i was only joking. Better luck next time, please take at least a week or two until you make another appeal.
  11. Im sorry dude but just based on the username and discord handle alone i wouldn't want you be a trial admin.
  12. Hi, sorry for the late response, kinda swamped lately. I'd like to see you be active within the community for a bit longer before making you trial admin. Cheers, Paul
  13. This ban obviously contains some incident in the discord, but you never provided your discord username. Please do.
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