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  1. https://cdn.centcomm.spacestation14.com/replays/leviathan/2023/09/29/leviathan-2023_09_29-18_15-round_34456.zip 4:30 arrives on station 6:22 breaking a welder tank in hallway 6:43 making cable cuffs 7:14 making cable cuffs 9:18 rerouting disposals junction 10:45 rerouting disposals junction 11:51 trespassing and stealing all soap from janitor closet 12:18 trespassing in detective office, hacking and stealing security headsets from vendor, stealing cuffs 13:16 trespassing into wardens office, spotted by detective 17:21 slipping a security officer (me) without any prior interaction 18:12 slipping a security cadet without any prior interaction 19:25 trying and failing to slip another security officer 19:42 trying and failing to slip another security officer 19:57 spotted and identified by detective, trying and failing to slip them 3x 21:26 arrested for the first time by detective, I am present, detective decides to let you go 24:29 trespassing into inner brig, stealing a flash, hacking into HOS office, hacking into firing range 26:45 lubing front brig entry 28:24 arrested for second time, this time by me inside brig as you were trespassing again Now at this point, I already found 2 security headsets in disposals with missing encryption keys, seen you trespass and be arrested for trespassing into security, seen security entry being lubed and knew disposals was rerouted and that you were using it multiple times. Taking all your tiding gear only confirmed what I already suspected, you carried lube, had the encryption, multiple pieces of security gear, had the tools and even a t-ray to track disposal routes. It was I believe at this point that I first ahelped your self-antag behavior. You were intentionally hostile with no provocation from security, that makes you a valid antagonist in my eyes and only reason I didn't perma you was that you didn't carry any syndicate gear. I gave you a 10 minute sentence instead. Every interaction you had with anyone was you telling straight up lies, going as far as trying to get me lynched for putting a stop to your tiding. I'm not gonna document the rest of the shift, which you spent walling off security and just continuing your prior behavior, just with me as a bigger target now than just security itself. After round ended, I messaged admins about you on forum since none were present during round. Imagine my surprise as I am filling out the details and realize I already made a near identical message about your behavior on lizard server round #33090
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