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  1. Frontier Station owner here. MechaGigaChad has, over the last 2 months, proven not only to be an exemplary player, but also an immensely valuable asset to our admin team. The quality of RP he encourages, enforces, and personally brings to Frontier is a shining example we point to for our players. The incident in question resulting in this ban seems to have been a result of poor decision and not knowing the proper procedures of asking administration. Despite this, their behavior on Frontier has been a shining example for others, setting a consistently high bar for RP. Consider this my official voucher of approval of good behavior.
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  2. Do not "jokingly" call a union/riot/revolt whatever it is because this exact situation tends to happen where other people use it as an excuse to ruin everything. We will still hold you at fault for instigating the matter, jokingly or not. Even regardless of your "joking" instigation you still seem to have proceeded to attack someone and then "get violent" under the guise of your union antics. Don't do anything remotely like it again. Accepted.
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