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  1. Hey TritonerTron, First i'd like to apologize for how long it has taken to process this appeal. This situation was difficult to retrace after it had happened, but after internal discussion, we have decided to accept this appeal. You will be unbanned from Security Officer and Cadet. Since the Warden and Head of Security ban appear to be a separate incident, I will change these to two-week bans from today's date and keep it that way so as long as there aren't any issues with your Security gameplay. This situation seems complex and just from what is presented I cannot find any more fault then would normally be allowed. This situation seemed to have a lot of moving parts on top of needing to interface with administrators while handling the situation IC which is difficult at the least. Going forward, I would please request that if you have unusual situations (such as a prisoner hinting at ERP or other rule-breaking behavior) that you admin-help it immediately as this makes it easier to address and handle before the situation becomes too complex to easily rule on. Have fun.
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