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  1. Firstly I’ll say I’m not sure if I’ve come across you in game and if I have I certainly don’t remember you. Also, perma bans are often just to get people to appeal so we can discuss what went wrong. In this case, distro tampering is major griefing and warrants a perma to sus the player out. What you did essentially could have ruined the fun for a lot of other players. If you’re not happy with the round you can leave at any point, and join one of the other servers. In addition, you also have the option to vote for a restart. If that isn’t passing then maybe take the hint people are having fun. If people are self antagonist on extended and griefing substations etc, report them via ahelp. If lots of players are dead and people are stalling the round (doesn’t happen much now), report it. This is your first ban so I’d be willing to change this to a one week ban but I’ll defer this to the other admins to chime in.
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  2. Your hurting me feelings... I want to play NOW!!!! Im gonna go WOLF mode and eat you if you do not unban me ROAR!!!!!!!
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