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  1. SS14 account: Dude_ Character name: Varg Vikernes When was the ban: today - around 20:35 GMT Server you were playing on when banned: US West Your side of the story: Older brother (well aquainted with ss13 + ss14 alike) decided to get back at me by doing something rather deplorable which stands against everything I live for by saying some real crap on comms which went under hate speech as I learned when returning to my pc I was banned, I can understand your agitation as I have been warned before but I promise that I HAVE READ THE RULES and that my brother is a dick, I can't really understate that one. The dyslexic bastard was sitting in his chair all smug when I came back to my PC and I see that he typed this bs into announcements. I hope you can overlook his mistakes and I will punch him in the testicles the next time he tries to fuck up my personal stuff. Like, he'll wake up infertile. Why you think you should be unbanned: Wasn't even me who done it, and I sincerely apologize because I'm not one for hate speech at all, as I've been a victim to it.
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