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Ban Appeals

Submit your ban appeals here. Please follow the format and specify in the title whether it's from the game or the Discord server.

Important Information
  • Use the correct template when making an appeal.
  • If you already have an open ban appeal, do not post another. Write a new comment under your currently open ban appeal.
  • For an explanation on the different types of bans, see What is the difference between a temporary ban, appeal ban, voucher ban, and permanent ban?
  • Do not peanut-post in ban appeals. Comments irrelevant to the consideration of appeals should not be made on other people's appeals. Personal opinions on if the ban will or should be accepted are considered peanut posting. Sharing your perspective of what happened in a situation where someone was banned is not peanut posting. You can privately share information about a ban or player with the admin team by using the Admin Message section.


  1. 3.5k
  2. Accepted Appeals

    Ban appeals that have been accepted.

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