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Read the section requirements before posting a topic

Staff Complaints

Formal complaints about Space Wizards Federation staff. Includes Wizard's Den staff, SS14 official discord moderators, upstream maintainers, and project managers.

Section Requirements

This section is for complaints about the behavior of any official SS14 staff, including Wizard's Den game admins, Discord moderators of the official SS14 discord, upstream maintainers, project managers, and wizards. It is not for complaints about staff from non-Wizard's Den servers, or from forks.

Wizards, project managers, and head game admins handle complaints as appropriate.

A staff member may not retaliate against someone for having a complaint submitted against them, however other staff may take action against a bad-faith complaint. Not all invalid complaints are bad-faith complaints, and the subject of a complaint is generally not permitted to determine if a complaint was made in good or bad faith.

Requirements for Complaints

  1. You cannot make a complaint about an active ban or a ban that failed to be appealed, but you can make a complaint about how a ban appeal was handled. You can also make a complaint about a short ban that expired recently or one which an appeal was accepted for.
  2. Complaints must be able to point specifically to instances of a problem.
  3. Complaints are for instances where staff act in their capacity as staff, or represent staff. A complaint about a maintainer making a coding mistake is likely inappropriate, but a complaint about them encouraging brigading is, even if not done through official channels.
  4. Irrelevant images and videos are not permitted in this section of the forums. Posting any image which is not evidence directly related to the subject being discussed is prohibited.
  5. Do not omit important information. It is better to assume that information is relevant rather than to assume it is not. If you appear to intentionally exclude important information, it will likely be assumed to be in bad faith. You are not expected to have full context or awareness of a situation, but due diligence is required. For example, if you are complaining about something that happened in a round, you should have watched the relevant parts of the server replay to make sure you didn't just miss something important while playing, but you're not expected to be aware of things like what happened in admin chat.

Complaint Template
Title your thread with the format Subject - Complainant: Title replacing "Subject" with the name of who the complaint is about, "Complainant" with your name, and "Title" with a title for the complaint. For example, Spacewoman14 - Spaceman13: Bad discord ban would be a complaint by Spaceman13 against Spacewoman14 titled "Bad discord ban".


Subject: [Who are you complaining about? Write "Unknown" if you are not sure who did the thing you're complaining about]

Policies or Expectations Violated: [What policy or expectation was violated? While being able to point to policy violations is preferable, violations of reasonable expectations may also result in complaints.]

Do you want this complaint to be made public after it is processed: [Yes/No]

Detailed Summary: [Do your best to provide a full, clear, and detailed description of the incident. Include links, images, and timestamps wherever they may be expected to make your complaint easier to verify. It may be a good idea to clearly split events and facts from your interpretation or opinions about what happened.]



Continuing to read beyond this point may aid you in making an effective complaint, but is not necessary.

Recommendations for Complaints

  1. If your complaint includes in-round issues, include enough timestamps from the server replays for any events you describe to be easily found.
  2. Complaints should be calm, well-formatted, and not unnecessarily long. While complaints will not necessarily be automatically rejected for being aggressive, rambling, or improperly formatted, it will significantly hamper them. It is highly recommended you wait at least a day after the incident to make a complaint to help ensure that you have had time to fully evaluate the situation.


The Admin Message section can be used at any time to request information like round numbers if you're able to provide information to help identify the round number. An ahelp from the round, OOC messages, or specific chat messages that someone sent are usually each sufficient for an admin to determine the round number.

Server replay files can be found at https://central.spacestation14.io/replays/.

Game admin policy is at https://docs.spacestation14.io/en/administration/policy.

Anonymity and Public vs Private Complaints

Posts can be made "anonymously" in this section. Forum moderators will still be able to see who made the post.

All complaints are private until they are processed. If a complaint does not indicate that you'd prefer it to remain private, it will be presumed that you have no objection to the information in it being made public. Any indication you provide on private vs public will be strongly considered, however, there may be cases where your preference cannot be honored. Typically all requests to make a complaint public will be honored if the complaint is valid.

As part of the investigation into your complaint, the fact that you've complained may be revealed to the subject of your complaint.

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