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  2. I don't really understand the disconnect here. There isn't more information to send. Your earliest connection to our server was April 28th. You were banned may 4th. Nothing happened "over a year ago". In two days this ban will be two months old.
  3. I dont understand how thats possible? could you send some more screenshots relating to my ban? im really confused
  4. i'm black so i always play a black character.......
  5. I fail to see how your characters skin color matters literally at all in relation to anything else. I find it really revealing that you conveniently do not remember saying these things to an admin, but you DO remember that your character was black.
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  7. dividing people by skin color is absurd. I understand it clearly
  8. was a heat of the moment thing when i was angry because of the admin siding with the warden who was failrping.
  9. I was very disappointed with my mistake. if you believe me, I didn't do it to break the rules again
  10. i only played this month for 2 days (wednesday and tuesday) on a different server, unless my perception of time is weird then I was wrong? are you sure it was 2 monthes ago and not maybe 6?
  11. I would've been happy to unban you, but you've tried to evade your ban multiple times so it doesn't seem like you're insincere.
  12. and I do not remember all of the fine details as this ban was over a year ago.
  13. Please read through the rules more thoroughly and take them to heart. We are zero tolerance on slurs and that sort of “comedy” won’t fly here either. Unbanning on this occasion but in future expect this to be much longer.
  14. ERP is one of our more harshly enforced rules and comments like those mentioned are not acceptable. That said, severity is not terribly high and I trust it will not happen again so this appeal will be lifted.
  15. Refusal to answer ahelp and attempted evasion leads me to believe this behavior will not change. This appeal is denied, and you may re-appeal in one month.
  16. Appeal will be closed due to lack of response. Re-open with a new appeal addressing the comments here.
  17. Already been almost 2 weeks and I see no reason to reduce it so this will be closed.
  18. Ban will be undone as this is your first offense, albeit a major one. Refrain from behavior like this in the future.
  19. Discord account: Commander Dead#1956 Ban reason: My discord account was botting sending out messages to random people within the community while likely spamming in channels When was the ban: Around January 9, 2022 Your side of the story: At the time I was looking at discord until I got a random message from someone, that was advertising free discord nitro knowing the effect it would do to my account, but not accounting for other users and communities as I was curious to see on what it would do firsthand, experimenting and examining on how user accounts bot throughout discord even though shouldn't done it in the first place or not on my main account but on a control account that wasn't going to affect any other user other than myself, an so once the bot was active it got straight to work making a big mess through all discords I was in and friends I had, while bot was actively sending messages and posting I was deleting posts and warning others to not click on it at the best of my ability trying to fix up the mess I made that went on for couple of hours, until the bot was done sending messages then afterward shutting down my account for a brief while and opening it back up trying to see for any new post, by then the damage was already done retaking my account back while being faced with bans and judgement. Why you think you should be unbanned: I know that a simple sorry isn't enough for those placed in harm's way, as my motives aren't meant with any malicious intent just wanting to bring new ideas and life to ss14 community so that future spacer nerds can enjoy the ss14 scene that us ss13 players wished to have back then. Anything else we should know: Nope.
  20. i dont even remember doing that, but my character was black.
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