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  4. I hate to break it to you but this forum is about development of a wacky space game not for semiconductor design.
  5. How to design a speed detection circuit with LM2907? It's about graduation thesis, please help. Thanks in advance.
  6. Setting the discord mumbo jumbo aside people should rely on the words of ss14 officials regarding what is ok and what is not. If swept is literally telling me that I can play chess on the ss14 servers against PJB one should expect that I could do that. Unban plz
  7. I would also like to add this: the ss13/ss14 series isn't like any other game I've ever seen. Nowhere else are you able to interact with other players in such a personal and fun way. The text chat function and the different roles make it so that no round is the same. This is especially apparent in ss14, where almost anything can happen. The game gives players such a degree of freedom to make each round stand out, not only in a role-play aspect, but also in a gameplay aspect, that it is almost unparalleled in anything else out there. If my previous post's conclusion comes off too harsh for some
  8. SS14 account: Xcreeper20 Character name: Don't remember When was the ban: I have no clue, its been too long Server you were playing on when banned: N/A Your side of the story: I'm not sure to be quite honest. I was apparently banned for "trolling and because I was "on thin ice". I do remember breaking some lightbulbs, but in all honesty, I don't think that's really trolling since that doesn't entirely affect anyone else's game play once the janitor fixes them. Plus, it actually gives the janitor something to do. Why you think you should be unbanned: I was already on thin ice for genuine
  9. I banned you because i got called in about you killing people, reasoning in ooc that "you just kinda felt like it". Joined to see you handcuff and drag around a player without provocation, all while not being antag. If you want to see how easy it is to kill people you wait until you become traitor, just like everyone else. Sorry, but i'm going to deny this appeal. I think two weeks is reasonable for this kind of behavior. I'd be glad to see you change for the better after your ban tho.
  10. SS14 account: DennyBoyy Character name: Denny Boyy When was the ban: Sunday Server you were playing on when banned: Im sorry i dont remember. i think it was a US WEST server at least Your side of the story: I was killing a lot of people as a security officer just to see how easy it was to kill people if you were a traitor. thing is....i wasnt. Why you think you should be unbanned: I mean i CAN wait until sunday but i would like to be unbanned. i wont do it again. My ban was 100% fair buti swear i wont do it again. Anything else we should know: Again, im sorry about this and i wont d
  11. You were banned for: Open a new appeal.
  12. SS14 account: Xcreeper20 Character name: N/A When was the ban: Around 7/21/21 Server you were playing on when banned: N/A Your side of the story: The game won't let me join any servers because it says I am an alt of Xcreeper20, even though I am using Xcreeper20. It doesn't make sense. Why you think you should be unbanned: Because I'm not using an alt.
  13. We have decided to give you a second change and unban you. You will be under increased scrutiny, so please re-familiarize yourself with the game servers' rules. And don't use any alts.
  14. You have been unbanned from the Discord server now. As Swept said, you'll be under increased scrutiny so make sure to re-familiarize yourself with the rules in #rules-info.
  15. Have you heard about the new special type of rocket fuel that is made from plastic waste? One company uses particular kinds of plastic to remake them in rocket fuel
  16. So I recently found an io game called schoolbreak.io, which I think is pretty fun and (surprisingly) reminds me of Space Station 13. Basically, you play as either a student or a teacher and roles are randomly assigned at the start of the round. Students cause chaos around the school while trying to avoid being caught by the teachers. Teachers try to catch the students causing chaos and send them to detention. Students win if they generate a certain amount of chaos, while teachers must prevent the chaos from reaching this level until the game's time limit is up. The game reminds me of
  17. Yes actually. I had a few accounts that I would use, but obviously I won’t continue using them due to their sole use for trolling. Since I won’t need to jump around servers and whatnot I won’t be using them and will be deactivating/deleting them.
  18. Do you have anything to say about the alt-accounts you were using on SS14 servers?
  19. It's been three months so i'd be alright with lifting this ban. I'm pretty sure I was the banning admin but the audit log doesn't go that far back. Realize you'd be under increased scrutiny from our admins and they definitely still remember "urban legends".
  20. Character name: I believe it was Samuel Hyde or something like that When was the ban: 6/12/21 Server you were playing on when banned: Don't remember, probably lizard Your side of the story: I admit I was a bit of a troll and honestly I understand how that can upset people. For that I apologize. Although I do sometimes kill or arrest for petty reasons, I don't (typically) do it out of malicious intent, and only do it to add some flavor to the RP aspect of ss14. That being said, I understand why people don't always like that and feel I have taken it too far. Why you think you should be unba
  21. Good xonotic-ing, you're unbanned. Demos attached prayer.7z
  22. Sounds pretty cool. At first half the districts could be human and half could be vox, and perhaps it could eventually have more races as well so each district is a different race. For example, there could be one human district, one vox district, one lizardpeople district, one plasmaman district, one mothpeople district, one ethereal district, one podpeople district, and one flypeople district. (But hopefully a felinid district would never be added.) The members of each district have the goal of surviving and helping each other survive but are allowed to collaborate with or grief other dis
  23. Seeing, how Vox aren't a thing, I'm starting to think what if I made a fork with Vox, blackjack and backstabbing. Basically, make a station with several districts, each district is run by a diplomat and usually has its own biome. So going from Vox to human district isn't easy. You need a gas mask and tank of your favorite gas. Maybe give each district a different role or rotate it randomly. Thoughts?
  24. Entirely up to PJB as he was the one who banned you.
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