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  2. Ban Reason: Metafriending + Pattern of using OOC code words to communicate IC Info Length Of Ban: Appeal Only Events leading to Ban: I am a Thief. The character of Hugs-The-Void which I pretty often was doing small gimmicky-stupid things with before the ban and had been for a while was also a Thief in this round. Hugs-The-Void hits me up with "Are you silly?" which was generally the way of saying "Can you do silly, stupid shit this shift?" with yes being the answer for "No, can't." Said yes since well- Can't do silly, stupid shit as an antag like what would happen in an average shift. surprisingly, they also said yes, which is the first time EVER an event like this has happened (Traitors have codewords for example, Headrevs before removal can just flash someone) and we eventually realised we were both Thieves. Round happens, basically destroy most of security and have a holopara and a weapon module borg on our side at the end. Reasons the ban should be removed: I have 3 reasons for this. It's one of the reasons I waited so long to appeal actually, besides being burnt out. 1. - The player Behind Hugs-The-Void I actually didn't interact with outside of the game ever, and I actually didn't know much about them. Besides stupid, silly shit and an LOOC conversation every so often, most interactions between me and Hugs have been all IC. Friends isn't debatable, but the Meta part is. Plus, I generally haven't interacted with hugs since the ban besides two times before I stopped playing for a break on ss13. 2. - There wasn't Ill-will or any attempt to get an advantage during the period this type of thing was happening. I didn't even know this type of thing would give an advantage in anyway, as the reasoning was mostly benign in the fact to alert if silly, stupid shit could be done or not. There have been other Antag + Antag rounds, but they were all Traitor and done by codewords which was done earlier than the OOC codeword thingy to check. This event was literally the first time it gained any advantage for me due to knowing a thief I wouldn't of known otherwise, as it was the only time anything similar has happened. In general, said code words had never given an advantage besides this event in a generally really long period, and were never supposed to. 3. - During my time off during my burn out I've been reflecting on a lot of behaviors I've done in ss14/ss13, not just this one. I know the codewords were wrong, and vow to not use them again. As well as some other shitty things I've done such as bad escalation and leaving 10-20 minutes into rounds sometimes, almost always as non-antag. I'm not gonna do it, I know they are wrong.
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  4. Just noticed that for beging apropiate for getting accepted on this i need to turn my funny moment memory into a thing ill remember and ill regret from it
  5. I think it refers to not remember anything from the start of the round to the moment where you died. I hope im wrong
  6. Good self control, me would have ended welding them into a locker
  7. Under the MRP Rules specifically Rule 14 it mentions how being revived with a defib applies NLR meaning you cannot remember the events "Leading up to your death" what does this mean. Is it referencing once you start getting attacked or start dying, is it based on time, when you enter a certain health state? I cant find an answer to this and would like one. Thanks all!
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  9. As what the person said above, I don't tend to like to use shotguns, or bean bags on crew, even though they seem to get out of hand, you can always fax centcom and or ahelp it if it gets out of hand. Most riots tend to be against the rules but can be dispelled in game. Disabler/rubbers and stun baton them if you go into arrest them, just be careful they don't slip and take your tools, if they make the arrest unsafe, by space law you can use lethal. I once arrested the same guy 5 times, after serving 5 minute sentences each time. I was given the okay by captain to just perma them because it was taking up a majority of sec's time whilst we were having actual traitors act out.
  10. While reading my application, I realized that there is much more I would like to share with people who are reading it now or in the future. I had fun writing the original post, so here are some of my additional insights and answers to questions I've received on DMs (or would ask while reading someone else's application). What you think about current admins events setting? I think the events are too different depending on admin present. Trial admins, and some regular ones as well, prefer not to interfere at all, while some others will start cults, revs, or create monkey pirate execution platoons waiting by centcom for evac shuttle. This may not be a problem because admins are too different or work on different things, but rather because the community has different expectations towards events and admins in general. If someone sees Admin X, they will immediately beg for Space Dragon and demand blood. Solution to this could be a discord short schedule of what kind of events the community can expect ex. 1) Deathmatch 2) Lore focused interaction 3) Survival. At first it might look like terrible idea leading to metagaming, but in my humble opinion it would be too general (ex. number two can be CC inspector coming to station, but at the same time it could be lawyers doing some shaningans with detective, perma prisoner transport or anything else) to spoil the fun and allow people to be more aware of whats going on (ex. people be more focused on roleplaying in number two). There wouldnt be a need to constantly organize polls for every little interaction (which would keep things cooming much bigger suprise as well). This would also help admins to be more "on the same page" when it comes to running events. Your application has none apologetic approach towards ban you received. Have you learn anything? All admins bwoinks, messages and remarks in smaller and larger perspective taught me something. I hope that thanks to them, my current RP and playstyle is as engaging and fun for everyone as it is for me. Even this ban was an opportunity for me to learn, engage with the Delta community, receive some encouraging words, discover other servers, and spend more time reading different servers rules. Of course, I regret that it was necessary, but as I said, I hold no grudges, as I am the only one to blame for the whole situation. Thank you for that question. Why do you want to be admin? I consider being an admin as an opportunity to be close to the heart of the community, to help others, but also learn more about rules, management, and as a way to work directly on a few ideas I had. For example, transforming player stories (from discord) into news post or any form of more pernament commemoration, lore posts explaining meaning behind Donk co, Syndicate, and by doing this creating good setup for meaningful events. Which role gave you most fun in RP? My first love was HoP duties, being close to the civilians and keeping them informed. I was one of the few people (as HoP) who actually communicated with the service department. At this point I also enjoy being a Captain and a medic, both roles have different duties, but as their main goal is to save the crew, doing that is very rewarding. I'm also trying to learn art of being clown...but I still cant make any good jokes. Sometimes you can or even should lose to make it more fun for everyone. Do you agree? Have you used this rule in your game? "Remember, losing is fun!" As a Dwarf Fortress enthusiast, I totally agree. That's why, as a Nukie commander, I don't push blitz ops every time, even though it would be the easiest way to win. As a commander, I have tried several "fun ops" to create a better environment for all players. Flame Ops, Fiest Ops, Smoke Ops, Monkey Ops, Carp Ops, Slippery Slope ops, Web Ops, Box ops, China Ops, Pokemon Ops, Elite Ops, countless failed Zombie Ops, and many more. Most of them failed...yes, but it was fun. Thank you once again for your time. If you have any questions, feedback, thoughts feel free to send them via DM here or on Discord. Tar-On out
  11. i only just thought about this, but when i was talking with the admin i said "this is fucking bullshit and you know it" i wasn't talking about his decision, i was talking about that happened in game
  12. i forgot to mention the claims about the "oxy tank" and the "wall it off" came from the chat logs (and might ingame view but from the ahelp i was told the chat logs) for the admin
  13. Ban reason: participating in and instigating in a riot Length of ban: 4,320 mins, this will expire at Tuesday, february 27, 2024 5:44 PM UTC Events leading to the ban: So, I was casually getting plasma from Atmos into a oxy tank and light myself on fire in a closed area because i was bored and atmos denied giving me it (I have suicided for jokes many times before) and I hear that a riot is happening at security. I go to check it out and just say a few things like when sec used lethal bombs on us and "release them" as a joke but didn't to much more. (Didn't even at hurt anyone and a security cadet was calling us "dog shit" and i didn't like it). Then centcom started to bomb the area and I just booked it. Then I told an engi to block that area off because didn't want to be spaced and didn't want people to walk in that area and get exploded for not even their fault (if you think i wouldn't do it, i have in the past recommended in the past to "ahelp" when they got killed by self antags and risked dying when fighting against a raider because the raider was gibbing a innocent person who arrived [i ahelped it before doing it]. After that sec wanted me for arrest and I denied it and just slipped them. when they caught me warden decided to send me to Perma and I was fine with that. After that a admin ahelped me and blamed me for starting the riot and saying that i was leading it (might have mistaken me for another passanger who screamed on the radio for like 20 mins "i am the riot leader" or something like that on the radio). i try to tell them but they The admins uses excuses that were the "wall it off" and the "oxy tank full of plasma". i explain both weren't meant or wouldn't have armed anyone and he/she told me "i don't belive it" and banned me. the admin didn't fact check the claims he was doing and proceeded to continue with the ban Reason the ban should be removed: i think my ban was inappropriate because i was playing a very small part of riot and didn't conflict enough for sec to arrest me in the riot but i am not sure why i was AOS after the riot (sec arrested other people for talking bad about sec). also the admin trusted his gut feeling more rather than checking is the claims true (i got no idea do admins usually check the claims they are making or trust their gut feeling).
  14. They can deploy flashes, flash grenades, tear gas grenades and use Stun batons to get one guy at a time. If one security guard or high ranked crew member gets crit or dies then bring out shotguns before they open security doors
  15. And now i think it would be really shitty to be the bartender making some drinks or the cargo guy that finnally got a trhongler for the first time and went to celebrate at bar
  16. Apparently datacenter bans are not tied to accounts. I'm a bit disapointed, this information should have been stated in the ban information upon join. I'm not sure how to close a thread, so I'll just leave this open.
  17. Ban reason: Datacenter Length of ban: Until appeal Events leading to the ban: I was pirating the new assassins creed pirate game to test out and decided to try and play some ss14 in the meantime. Since I had my VPN on I got banned. Reason the ban should be removed: I'm new to ss14 so I never knew that VPNs weren't allowed. I've played a couple times before and feel like it's unfair to get banned over something not explicitly stated in the server's bio.
  18. It seems to be a much more common trend for someone to start screaming about a protest or a riot, people group up, usually in front of security or bridge and the round severely deteriorates from there. How is command / security supposed to deal with such an occurance and what kind of force/sentences can be used?
  19. Also after some time someone made a singularity that killed the station
  20. Ban reason: Self antag, plasma flooding the bar Length of ban: 3 days Events leading to the ban: I was a scientist non antagonist, someone showed to my door with a plasma gas canister and offered it to me, i rejected it (shouln't have done that) and he just went away. After some minutes i went to the bar and found him with the plasma gas canister in middle of the bar,it was locked and closed, he also exclaimed "if this canister opens would be a real problem". After that i just tought that if it opened would be funny and i opened the valve probably killing many people. After the initial emergency someone trowed a cigar making the plasma go in fire and get removed. Then i just closed the game and went to sleep. Now in the morning i wake up and notice i was banned Reason the ban should be removed: i now know that i shouldn't release lethal gas inside a public place of the station and basically just dont make people die has non-antagonist. Sorry mods i wont do that again (i dont want this again)
  21. band reason - " touch some grass, rule lawyering in ahelp pushing for a ban on another player for an IC issue. they knew you were a syndicate agent because their objective was to keep you alive. the captain believed them because they turned in a previous syndicate agent with proof length - 1,440 minutes events leading up to the ban - i was suddenly arrest by the captain after helping to get power restored and had my pda taken from me without even opening the uplink even once all because they belived a syndicate agent that i was also a agent (spooder was their name). they knew because i was on their list but i didn't know that myself. so i ahelped for them to be punished because i was enjoying playing. i only stated rules 12, 15, and 19 when talking with the admin. reason the ban should be removed - because a whole day is to long for wanting some kind of repercussion for the player that ratted me out and the captain for not following space law and just TAKING my pda when i hadn't even done anything, and because thats kinda rude for an admin to say "go touch some grass" when all i wanted was to enjoy the game with ought suddenly getting fucked over by a fellow syndicate agent suddenlt betraying me and ratting me and another agent out. plus there is the fact that i shouldn't have to even worry about that. and spooder even gloated by saying i should have sold them out before they could when i didn't even know they were an agent.
  22. Ban reason: "Self Antag, Slipped and cuffed capt while nukies were chasing them" Length of ban: 3 days Events leading to the ban: I was playing my clown character "Mr. Pockets" and whenever I'm playing Mr. Pockets, my favorite bit to run is "Looking for Clown Wife". This is where I take the Sexy Clown Mask and prowl around the station making friends until I slip someone, cuff them, and put the mask on them so I can declare to the station that they are my Clown Wife. So this round, I decided to take the clown's locker out with me as another tool for my antics. I also made a call using my banana phone, asking for the perfect clown wife, which I believe is what prompted the admin Repo to take notice and start following me around. As I was typing in the Common radio channel bantering with the crew about my plans for a clown wife, I noticed I was being pushed into my locker very slowly. I let it happen and suddenly my locker changed to a metal one, was welded and no matter how hard I wanted to get out, I was trapped. I was still having fun and it only lasted for a few minutes as the crew surrounded me trying to help me escape, only to find I was russian nesting dolled into multiple lockers. Eventually I escaped for a short while with someone who decided to be my body guard. To make the story shorter, I was trapped with the body guard in another locker again, and this time was being shoved around the station as people laughed and had a generally good time, including the captain who had just shown up. I was wearing a ghost outfit and shouted "BOO!" chasing the screaming captain down the hall, intending to take the captain as my clown wife for my bit. Little did I know, Nukies had stormed the station inside a camo box, which we didn't see due to running around the halls very quickly. From my point of view, a nukie appeared out of thin air and began chasing us and the rest of the crew who were standing around, firing off shots in all directions. I had thought this was another Admeme and that the admin had spawned in as a nukie to help me complete my goal of obtaining my clown wife because I had asked for it with my Banana phone. The captain ran into the bridge and I chased her inside, seizing my moment and slipping her and handcuffing her. As I fumbled around in my bag, 3-5 nukie operatives stormed the bridge and killed the both of us within a second. Because they had the captain's tools, they were able to take the nuke and arm it immediately. I was messaged about it and as I tried to explain myself, still confused that the admin was now no longer on my side, but before I could explain myself fully, I was banned and it was rightfully so given their point of view of the situation. Reason the ban should be removed: It wasn't until I watched the replay back that I had finally put the pieces together and realized my mistake. I had thought that the single blood red that I saw chasing us was in fact still the admin messing around with me because he had been doing it all round. Had I been paying attention and not focused on my silly bit, I would have realized what was happening and I wouldn't have done that to the captain. I do feel bad about it and it pains me to see this stain on my record despite my heafty play time, especially since none of this would have happened if the nukies didn't appear out of thin air because of the camo box. I wouldn't have been confused and none of this would have transpired. Something like this will never happen again and I really want to try and get this whole mistunderstanding cleared up. Sorry for the long story, but its got a lot of context, here's the replay if you'd like to review it: https://moon.spacestation14.com/replays/lizard/2024/02/23/lizard-2024_02_23-06_52-round_47164.zip
  23. Ban reason: nrc_ Length of ban: only via appeal Events leading to the ban: i think the ban cause was for me playing using a different account. Didn't played for a while, then i created another account; my current main "JunicoNRC", after sometime i re-entered the old account "nrc_" and after trying to connect the server i got banned. Reason the ban should be removed: after making an appeal linked in this post, the admin told me that's not allowed alts, and yes i have a incident of trying to evade a ban in the past (April, 2022) and i was unbanned latter on, so it's not the case now, and i did not commit any crimes relating to need make another account to exploit something, i just forget the password. I undestanded clear if i'm unbanned i can have only one account with previous account-logs transfered to the main one, and also, about the forums account it should be also the same that i use in-game. If's possible, wish to keep "JunicoNRC" as main account, cause is where i played most.
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  25. To enable speedy review of all appeals, appeals that meet certain requirements may bypass the standard, often lengthy, review process. Our banning policy requires appeals which are denied using the speedy review process have this notice placed on them. Any of the following criteria typically make an appeal eligible for the speedy review process: the ban length is less than or equal to 14 days, the appeal is older than 7 days, or the result of the appeal is obvious. In some cases, the banning admin may process the appeal. The banning admin cannot process the appeal if: the facts that led to the ban are disputed, the appeal makes a claim that the admin who placed it was biased, or the ban was not within the ban guidelines. You may contact a head game admin if you believe this appeal was handled improperly, but should be aware that this will typically only result in a review of the processing of the appeal itself, with the appeal being re-opened if an issue is found. An appeal is considered to have been processed improperly if the criteria to use the speedy review process was not met, or if the facts which the processing admin relied on to process the appeal were incorrect. You must concisely describe why you believe the appeal was handled improperly. If no issue is found with the processing of the appeal, the appeal itself will not be re-reviewed. If, in bad faith, you claim that an appeal was handled improperly, the reviewing head admin may decide to extend the time you must wait before you appeal and/or extend your ban duration. You can find a full list of staff, including head game admins at the staff directory.
  26. After looking into this ban, and discussing it with other members of staff. It seems the indefinite ban was placed mistakenly. The reason seems to be that the original ban was accidentally removed and hastily replaced. albeit without the member of staff realising the ban was initially a timed ban. As such i am lifting the ban effective immediately. You have our appologies for this unfortunate set of circumstances.
  27. Hello again. Admin consensus is to deny this appeal and require a voucher for any future appeals. A future appeal must be made at least 6 months from the time your ban was placed(2023-12-01). This is due to many factors, but these are the prominent ones: You have a very large history of previous issues. While we understand that you also have an extremely large amount of playtime which is bound to lead to more incidents we cannot disregard the sheer amount of them and their severity. The hateful statements you made were also a big part of this decision. We understand that those statements were made hastily and/or under poor mental health however we also cannot just ignore them. While you have apologized for all of the above, and have stated that you have improved your state of mind we cannot just take this at face value. This is why we would be much more confident accepting an appeal in the future accompanied by a voucher of good behavior. A voucher of good behavior should be obtained from a well-known or decently active SS13/SS14 server. If it is a mainstream server, we recommend using that server's admin-help to ask for a voucher from one of the administrators explaining that you are trying to appeal a ban on SS14's Wizard's Den and want to show you have been a problem-free player during your playtime on the server. A voucher should be indicative of at least a few months of play. (edited)
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