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  2. He is now actively messaging me on here too. I'm just going to ignore him completely, frankly there's nothing else to even say. The evidence speaks for itself.
  3. yeah i was the hos, im not inexperienced, it was a mistake i had no control of. also my ban was 2 days after i said "i was banned for this" well theres more but the ban is apparently 3 days. can you lower it back down to 2? or did i do something wrong again?
  4. Ragg

    Unfair Ban

    SS14 account: willowthebillowum Character name: felix feminine When was the ban: thurday (yesterday for me) lizard Your side of the story: I was hos, lost my gun, died, another gun died (he had an innapropriote name btw) and he blamed me for not protecting him. I could not to anything, i told him this many times and he kept metahating. we argued alot then the admins told us to stop, when the round ended i stopped. he kept going and then all i said was "stop breaking rule 6" and i was banned for not listening to staff. Why you think you should be unbanned: I had no say in wether he died or not, he kept metahating me then i told him to stop and was banned. Anything else we should know: banned by moony. appeal, include it here.
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  6. My mistake, I thought it was only 1 day.
  7. I'd just like to point out that the ban is also not of 1 day only, as the ban states it is of 7200 minutes and that it will expire on monday, 24 of january.
  8. I never commented on whether you should be banned or unbanned, I'm providing a character reference.
  9. If you deserved to be banned for longer than you are, you would be.
  10. Yes, I used to put the ascii art as station announcements because I thought it was funny and legitimately didn't think it went against any rules. When you blew me up and said "Centcomm does not approve of ascii announcements" I never did it again, and you can go check that if you wish. ...what does this have to do with anything? Edit: It just feels like you want to establish me as some sort of consistent rulebreaker or something of the sort that does not deserve to be unbanned. Still, if that was the case there'd probably be more evidence of that than just an ascii trollface and a few bad jokes.
  11. Also leaving out the one where I blew you up for doing it over the announcements console after this.
  12. But... I didn't? I mean, literally, I talked a total of 9 times in the OOC chat, as the logs show, and the final few messages weren't even meant for willow at all but for the staff to know I hadn't talked about the round or IC events at all. Can you point out how I continued pressing on? Because the OOC logs show very differently. The 1st one was directed at, you guessed it, IC in OOC, the very vile thing you detest, as somebody had done it before. The sentence was supposed to add some humor to it but I get it, it's not funny at all and just weird and I won't do it again. The 2nd is... literally what it is? Although in this case it hadn't been MrPancake that said it but his pAI apparently. I mean... I'm not sure how what I said is bad? On the 3rd one, I love it how you isolated my message and didn't share the other ones as well. That one was related to MrPancake's debacle, and everybody was pretty much joking around. "What if the pAI is black" "What if the pAI had the n-word pass" etc. I made that one joke to add to them. Is it funny? Not really. But just because I have a poor sense of comedy does not mean I'm racist or toxic. The 4th one... yeah, that one is completely my fault. I had found that ascii trollface recently and I guess for some reason I must've been bored out of my mind or something and pasted it in the OOC chat. You'll notice I haven't done it since then and that's why you had to look back to find it. But I apologize for it regardless. Yes I do find the George Melons meme funny. How does this, or any of what you said, make me toxic? In fact, what does any of what you said add to the topic at hand? Because even if what you showed proved I was toxic (and it really doesn't...) it adds literally nothing of value to the ban reason and it just feels like you came here only to personally attack me out of the left field.
  13. My 2c, I've seen you talk shit in OOC many times. Also just going back through some of your OOC and it was worse than I remember: I get it, you think George Melons is funny but god damn dude you don't have to bring it up constantly.
  14. The issue was that both of you were asked to stop, yet both of you continued. It's not the content of your message that warranted the ban. It's the fact that you continued to message about it despite being repeatedly warned and told not to. Your ban is one day. I am leaning no on your appeal because you don't seem to understand the issue. When we (admins) are trying to resolve a situation like the one that transpired that round, it is damaging to have someone continue the discussion past the point when it needs to be continued. Other people were annoyed at that player as well, but they stopped after the first warning I made. You got frustrated and lost your temper. I am very guilty of doing that. But when it's time to move on, you need to move on.
  15. SS14 account: Pedro43 Byond account: Pedro43 Character name: Wiener When was the ban: Around 23:47/11.47 PM, 19 of January. Server you were playing on when banned: Lizard Your side of the story: An IC event happened where the HoS went to engage an active shooter without any gun at all. This HoS also was very bad in several aspects, and so in the ghost chat they started getting flamed quite bad. I tried to explain to this player that he should play as regular sec officer for a while until he gets enough experience to play as HoS. This player, every single time, starts insulting me in all caps and going on huge rants. This goes on for a while, but eventually I just stop talking. Some time later, I'm cloned, and I guess this guy realized he couldn't talk to me in deadchat so he actually starts ranting in the OOC chat, attacking me directly. I did answer him but with short answers, like when he'd call me deaf I'd just say "I think you meant to say blind" and similar retorts. At this point admins get involved and start blaming the both of us and accusing us of discussing IC round events - which I never did once. Anyways I just stop talking, and the OOC chat goes quiet. Eventually the player says something in OOC like "I want to be reincarnated as a gorilla lol". Like, I get it, I shouldn't have even bothered to butt in but seeing this guy just blatantly discuss IC events in OOC I reply with "yeah at least a gorilla would have a brain". If there's any "toxicity" that I'm guilty of, then this was it, I know I should have just stayed out of it but I guess I screwed up. Anyways, the guy starts flaming me completely and immediately, borderline spamming "pedro out of ooc", until the admins get involved again, once again accusing us both of discussing IC round events - which, again, I never did once - and throughout this entire time I have not uttered another word in the OOC chat at all. Admins threaten to punish us if we start piping up again, and eventually even the other player goes quiet. That was it. OOC went silent, both me and the other guy went about our own respective businesses, and that was that. Except minutes later I am suddenly disconnected with the ban reason o "toxicity and misbehavior constantly in OOC". Why you think you should be unbanned: I mean, I don't even know where to start here. I truly believe this ban was unfair and uncalled for. First, I talked in the dead chat to said player not because I wanted to be toxic, but because I legitimately wanted to let him know he shouldn't be playing HoS just yet. Keep in mind the sentiment that he was not good enough to be HoS was shared by pretty much every ghost player at that point, and people were flaming him left and right. When he started insulting me with full on capslock walls of text, sure I might not have been as respectful as before, but I still wouldn't say I was being needlessly toxic and whatnot. When the player in question specifically started attacking me in the OOC chat because I was no longer dead, I know I should've stayed quiet, but I'm pretty sure a "are you stupid" line is not extremely toxic given the context. While he continued with the insults directly towards me in OOC, all my replies would literally not surpass 10 words. I was just retorting simple replies to share the sentiment of "sure whatever you say" to him. But suddenly I'm accused of sharing IC round events, which, again, I never did. Minutes later, when he did his OOC line of wanting to be reincarnated, now that's where you could say I screwed up, because there was no need for me to get involved again. But still, I don't think one sentence of 9 words is so immensely and ridiculously toxic that I deserve to straight up get banned from the game with not even so much as a word beforehand. He was the one constantly spamming OOC with attacks directly aimed at me, if I did anything was simply reply to him to let him have a taste of his own medicine with sarcastic, simple retorts. Yet for some reason the moment I start talking back to this guy the admins suddenly get involved with warnings of discussions of IC events. It's ridiculous. Now after everything had quieted down, I wasn't saying literally anything in the OOC chat (besides 1 line with an opinion shared by other players), couldn't the banning admin at least talk to me and explain things? Because as it stands it just felt to me like I was banned after doing exactly what I was asked to do, which was to quiet down and disengage from the argument. And before I quieted down, again, I wasn't even discussing any sort of IC events and I certainly wasn't being overly toxic to the point I should get banned. I really suggest that the logs of the conversations be looked at again and really reevaluate whether I was really doing so much misbehavior, or if I was just literally talking back to a guy that, in my opinion, might have even been a troll. Instead I get banned for being toxic when I wasn't even the guy attacking somebody with walls of text over a simple criticism. Anything else we should know: OOC: willowthebillowum: weiner get back here you fucking idiot, I DROOPPED THE GUN. i couldnt go back to sec to get another. i had no power you died and i didnt face your shooter cause i have no gun. tell me what you do in this situation? Your honestly freaking deaf, i said 13 times i had no ugn and no power. i couldnt do anything [11:39 PM] OOC: router: fucking [11:39 PM] OOC: Pedro43: are you fucking stupid [11:39 PM] OOC: router: this guy's been warned before [11:39 PM] OOC: willowthebillowum: wrong chat lol [11:40 PM] OOC: router: deaf chat [11:40 PM] OOC: Pedro43: also shouldn't it be "blind"? I can't exactly hear lines of text [11:40 PM] OOC: willowthebillowum: yes [11:40 PM] OOC: router: IC you don't see text [11:40 PM] OOC: router: you hear it [11:40 PM] OOC: Pedro43: Oh and just to correct you, sec did have power ;) [11:41 PM] OOC: willowthebillowum: i didnt ;) [11:41 PM] OOC: willowthebillowum: i had no gun ;) [11:41 PM] OOC: Pedro43: God you are the stupidest player I have ever seen on here, and that's saying a lot [11:41 PM] OOC: Stealth16: Round conversation stays out of OOC. [11:41 PM] OOC: Stealth16: If you have problems, admin help them. [11:41 PM] OOC: Stealth16: Otherwise, keep it in character. [11:43 PM] OOC: willowthebillowum: yo i wanna be reincarnated as gorilla lol [11:43 PM] OOC: Pedro43: yeah at least a gorilla would have a brain [11:43 PM] OOC: willowthebillowum: we need gorilla ghost roles lol [11:43 PM] OOC: willowthebillowum: predro, listen to the admin. [11:44 PM] OOC: Pedro43: I can't. I can only read [11:44 PM] OOC: Stealth16: Keep. Round discussion. Out of OOC. [11:44 PM] OOC: willowthebillowum: listen to the admin pedro [11:44 PM] OOC: Petra: Press tab [11:44 PM] OOC: Pedro43: I didn't discuss the round at all [11:44 PM] OOC: Stealth16: Both of you. [11:44 PM] OOC: Petra: to switch mode [11:44 PM] OOC: willowthebillowum: pedro out of oCC [11:44 PM] OOC: Pedro43: Why? I'm not talking about IC matters at all lol [11:44 PM] OOC: willowthebillowum: peddro OUT of OOC [11:45 PM] OOC: Stealth16: If you start piping up again I will start dealing punishments. That goes for you too Willow. [11:45 PM] OOC: KrunkedMonk: heesh [11:46 PM] OOC: router: skill issue [11:46 PM] OOC: router: i didn't die [11:46 PM] OOC: Petra: That roundsucked [11:46 PM] OOC: Init1: no monkee :( [11:46 PM] OOC: Znooze: One issue with that round, I didn't overdose on drugs [11:47 PM] OOC: Petra: ffs how did both cap and HoP both for afk [11:47 PM] OOC: cxsey: slow round [11:47 PM] OOC: 2hotdogs: engineer cult is sad, unbased, lame, not cool [11:47 PM] OOC: TommyNom: That was a lame round won't lie, but the final stand of the Syndie in security was pretty cool [11:47 PM] OOC: cxsey: peaceful [11:47 PM] OOC: StarFruit692093: dont worry gort those pills were legit i didnt posion anyone [11:47 PM] OOC: Petra: and sec was shit [11:47 PM] OOC: Pedro43: Sec has been notoriously bad lately [11:47 PM] OOC: router: sec is more shit [11:47 PM] OOC: willowthebillowum: PEDRO43, rule 6. That was it before I got banned. Notice how even at the end the guy is still constantly harassing me even though I'm just sharing an opinion that a lot of other players in the OOC chat shared. Don't tell me they were all also banned for toxicity. Upon reviewing the chat I did have another line which I admit was kind of toxic, which is the "you might be the stupidest player I have ever seen" one. I get it, that isn't cool. Still you have to understand that at that point I was just so tired of having to deal with this guy (after having been harassed for a solid 5 or 6 minutes in ghost chat) that I guess that line just went out. And I had completely forgotten about saying "sec had power" in the OOC chat. I get it, that's also not cool because technically it is an IC event, although to be fair I only said it at the time because I was pretty convinced everybody would know about that detail already anyways and even if they didn't it wouldn't impact the game in any way either. But that was it. Do those three lines really warrant a ban for "toxicity"? Because after reviewing the OOC chat I noticed that throughout the entire debacle I talked a total of 9 times, all with sentences of a few words, and, again, only three of those lines even had comments that could be interpreted as needlessly disrespectful to willow. Am I really that toxic of a guy to the community that I deserve to get removed from it for daring to talk back to an accuser? For all we know, Willow could have been a troll that managed to get me banned. I have played SS13 since 2010 (back on the Goon servers) and SS14 for a few months. I am an active member of the SS14 discord as well, have even offered to help out in the project with localization in the past, and throughout all my experience in the game and community, not once have I ever been spoken to by a staff member regarding misbehavior. Whether you review my appeal and find it rightful or not, I am honestly sincerely disappointed in the staff and community after this ban.
  16. Last week
  17. you already answered this one for yourself. He's done atrocities, is a controversial figure, we dont want people named after him running around our game servers. If you actually believe in what he does or not makes little to no impact in this case. nah, we are treating you like a man that tried to blame it all on a brother trying to get back at him (how original). Listen to yourself: The title of this appeal is literally "Yes, My Character's Name is Varg Vikernes - So What?". I'd be hardpressed to let you back onto the game servers if you dont understand why we'd have an issue with this. I do not believe for a second that your brother did jack-shit, and i'm starting to believe you actually genuinly believe the deranged shit varg vikernes spouts, judging from you reassuring you dont a bunch of times while never having been even remotely accused of that. Don't play us for fools
  18. Denied, it's been 4 days for slurs. Come back in a bit once you've had more time to reflect on it.
  19. Given the length of the ban and that you admit it was naughty I'm gonna unban you. I don't want to see another ban in future.
  20. Ah, sorry. Apology accepted, don't do it again (We'll know).
  21. woo boutta hit the bottom of the list
  22. its been like 3 days im starting to think you people forgot about this post...
  23. SS14 account: Dude_ Character name: Varg Vikernes When was the ban: Tuesday - around 20:35 GMT Server you were playing on when banned: US West (even though I live in the EU the server was void of people) Your side of the story: Go afk for a few minutes and my brother decided that he'd get back at me (reasons stated in previous appeal that went unseen) and to my surprise, a comms announcement stated by MY CHARACTER stated some absolute batshit about whites being worthless in chat (the tripe he's been consuming on social media) and at the time, it drove me up the wall, because something so petty lead to something deplorable from my point of view. Why you think you should be unbanned: I am well aware of the repercussions of hate speech (I've been a victim of it myself) and loathe it with a burning hatred, what my brother did was wrong and I will be more considerate so he doesn't lash out as much, but sadly, sometimes I can't help it. Anything else we should know: My brother is diagnosed with autism, dyslexia (dysgraphia too) and ADHD and doesn't think the same way I do which leads to him getting emotional over the slightest things, the way he acts out are cruel but petty in the grand scheme of things and after all, he is still my brother. I do love Space Station 14 and I'd be devastated to have to let it go permanently for something I, myself, didn't do. Have pity on my brother and hopefully some empathy for my situation. At the time of the first post I had an aggressive tone, due to the headrush of anger after I was excluded from my favorite game, I will repent and I plead for your forgiveness as that was wrong of me. NEW STUFF I don't understand what is so bad concerning my character's name. Yes, I love Burzum's music but it doesn't mean that I condone the atrocities that Varg Vikernes has said and did. I would like a re-evaluation of this ban appeal because - as I have stated before - I don't understand what's so bad about naming myself after a musical artist in a video game. I've always enjoyed Varg's music and Burzum has got to be my favorite band of all time. I don't tilt towards his political views as he is a bit delusional in that regard. But just because I made my character's name the name of a famous (for black metal) musical artist doesn't mean that I hold all of the same beliefs, in fact, I believe we are polar opposites on the political compass. The way you are treating me as of current is practically neglect and all for judging a book by it's cover, as my treatment is based on assumptions. You may not believe it but I may in actuality be a Black Non-Binary Homosexual Transwoman behind the monitor or maybe not but I do not believe in Varg's actions, just his fabulous taste in music. I recommend you check out his Album "Hvis Lyset Tar Oss" as it is a great entry point to the Atmospheric Black Metal scene. Your work here is great but you should listen to this entire album before you make assumptions. Here's a YouTube link to the full album before you buy it
  24. All you had to do was acknowledge your mistake and say you wouldn't do it again. Try again in a week.
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