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  2. SS14 account: Wetchop Character name: Nolan Honkers Type of Ban: Game ban Date of Ban and Duration: Permanent Ban Reason for Ban: "Admin group decision, Massive powergamer, pointedly ignnored staff ruling." Server you were playing on when banned: Lizard Your side of the story: Full previous post in here. With all due respect, I feel like the staff team have ignored my repeated disclaimers that I was NOT trying to violate my head job ban. I clarified it very well that I only asked for it to make an announcement, I didn't even know asking for that makes you a head. Why you think you should be unbanned: My ban was for violating head ban, and not RPing as priest. My head ban was because I asked Command access to make an announcement . I didn't know that makes me a head, and being a 'head' is a conscious decision where you would be head of x personnel. For my not RPing as priest, I was making a cult. Full explanation in the previous ban appeal linked above. Anything else we should know: With all due respect, and I really love the community, I feel like the staff members ignored what I was saying. I explained very clearly that "I am not a head", and what I hear back "No, you were a head". There wasn't a single instance during the RP where "becoming a head" was spoken about. I just wanted to make a station announcement...
  3. Also, i know this is 5 hours later but i am relatively new to SS14. This shouldn't be a excuse to my appeal though, i'd just like to point this out. I am still in the wrong here.
  4. 1. The admin said spiderman and you brought up JJJ, you clearly acknowledged it as a reference. 2. "unless you give me an actual reason" the actual reason is the rules, specifically rule 8, which you clearly haven't read. 3. Next time an admin asks you to do something simple and you adamantly refuse to do it for 15 minutes don't go whining about copping a ban. Since you don't care about being unbanned (your words) there's no point keeping the appeal open.
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  6. Just to clarify on this, the rule also covers parody names or names that are very similar to notable fictional or real characters. Just changing your name to something like "Walter Black" instead of "Walter White" doesn't grant you immunity to being told to change your name. Primarily, a lot of people's first impression (including mine) was that your name of choice was a parody or of high similarity to Jonah Jameson, the spiderman dude, which is why you were approached and asked to change it. The admin in question was dealing with several other situations and admin-helps at the time which is why replies were not immediate and when they did come they were simply requests to change your name. I feel like this entire situation could have been avoided if you simply just said "Okay, I'll change it", and there wouldn't have been any problem for at least the rest of the round.
  7. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/J._Jonah_Jameson - this guy? Took fuzzy matching of Wikipedia search, it's rather different from "James J Jamesson". To me name of that character in appeal is "literally who?". However I am curious about handling of their armory break-in during round I played with them.
  8. SS14 account: Phaze_Maybe Character name: James J Jamesson Type of Ban: Name Ban Date of Ban and Duration: 720 Min / 12 Hours (2022-08-17 to 2022-08-18) Reason for Ban: "Refusing to change their name after being told, several times." Server you were playing on when banned: Wizard's Den Lizard [US West] Your side of the story: I got banned because my name (James J Jamesson) was apparently the name of an fictional character from the spiderman series Why you think you should be unbanned: Because my name is not from the Spiderman series, i came up with it myself and it isnt even similiar to any of the character names in the spiderman series. I am an very active member of the space station 14 community and really love the game. i tried to reason with the admin he refused to even give real answers to my questions. I feel like the ban was very unfair since my name is not from any fictional characters and i were not allowed to reason with the admin. Anything else we should know: I really don't care about being unbanned since it was just a 12 hour ban, i just want to bring attention to this admins wrong doings (in my opinion). the name of the admin is "DogZero"
  9. SS14 account: c0n Character name: Jackson Margrate Type of Ban: Server Ban Date of Ban and Duration: Perm ban, i assume yesterday since this post's creation. Reason for Ban: Cutting wires literally all-day as non-antag to do a 'little trolling' Server you were playing on when banned: Lizard Your side of the story: I was going around maintenance cutting wires for fun, since i considered it to not be too drastic of something to do. Security caught me, i was arrested, tried to lie my way out, and when the round ended i admitted to cutting wires. Why you think you should be unbanned: I promise not to cut wires anymore as a non-antag job, it was a simple misunderstanding of the rules as i didn't really consider cutting wires to be a giant issue as it is. I promise to also do my jobs properly and not go off immediately into maintenance and mess around in there. Anything else we should know: Tool belt + Insulated gloves = Unprecedented access to the facility
  10. It has been two days. If you want an immediate reviewal, I can deny this right now. Otherwise, you can wait for us to get to this.
  11. Like I said it was a high stress situation there's not a lot of time to think about it or convince others not to murder you I also thought if I can kill the antags then we could still win so who ever was killing people then I could stop then by killing yes I know It sounds stupid but at that time I had no other idea
  12. So your justification for murdering a lot of people is because other people did the same thing? And you said it yourself, they could've been antag. Do you recognize why I take issue with that line of justification?
  13. Yes your right but what also happened was there was other people doing the same thing as well some even almost killed me and we all missed the evac because the cap or higher up locked the doors so nobody could get on there where also some killing others and nobody bats an eye yes they could've been antag but when your about to miss evac and do you get into this high stress situation where you don't have enough time to think the whole thing through but if someone get butt hurt over getting killed as the round is ending in less then 60 secs then I won't do it anymore also yes I would be mad too but I wouldn't cry in ahelp
  14. Posting your appeal in general discussion instead of the appeals subforum is a good sign of competence... This is now in the correct place.
  15. Looks like someone forgot about a ban yesterday when unbanning you. Retequizzle lifted that ban. Let us know if you are still having connection issues.
  16. Apologies for the delay. As per the previous appeal, the account "chickenmctittes" has been unbanned. I'll leave this open long enough for you to confirm that it has indeed been unbanned, in case there are any further issues.
  17. SS14 account: chickenmctittes Character name: bob Type of Ban: prem lifted Date of Ban and Duration: 3 months ago, Reason for Ban: allt account Server you were playing on when banned: den Your side of the story: yesterday i had my banned lifted still cant play. Why you think you should be unbanned: i was already unbanned Anything else we should know: I
  18. SS14 account: Blobly Character name: Don't know. Type of Ban: Perma banned Date of Ban and Duration: Don't remember Reason for Ban: Don't know much about why I got banned but for sure I've forgotten but I still know about the reason of -Perma ban- Attempted to rejoin on another account didn't know I wasn't allowed. Server you were playing on when banned: Wizard's Den Lizard Your side of the story: Well I don't have much already because I'm new to the server like I told you already just joined banned because I might of attempted to rejoin on another account after I was banned. Why you think you should be unbanned: Don't know It's just that I've learned my lesson and should of follow the rule and shouldn't of attempted to pass my ban I'll start to read the rules and follow much more Inside the station
  19. Ok so.. throughout most of the round you were fine you spawned in did your job... found a sec hardsuit. Then some time after you just started antagging multiple people, "Basically firing on people for no reason in evac" and "At least two people in crit now, and he's firing at officers, too." was from a quote from the ahelp, and logs reflect that aswell. You were not antag that round.. If you could explain your side of the story, then that would be great.
  20. oh ight i don't know if im just on some list of good or bad or be careful "this one has an attitude" type of thing
  21. Just for a little bit of scope here, your appeal has not been open nearly as long as some other appeals in this forum that still need to be addressed. We are volunteers and we get to it when we have time. This is not a personal witch-hunt against you as evidenced by the rest of the forum you are directly participating in.
  22. i'm starting to get the feeling that the mods hate me or are trying to ignore me so then they don't have to deal with me
  23. 297948116_625934008796977_543658125509601771_n.mp4
  24. It is extremely funny that you still decided to follow the title template but this will be a forum ban now for spam.
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