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  2. Get a voucher from that server's admins if you want to bring that up.
  3. Hey, random person here. If you're going to say you have a good record outside Wizard's Den, you have to say from where and a way to prove it, such as talking to a server's admins.
  4. SS14 account: shrekonvhs Character name: Brad Armstrong Type of Ban: Game Date of Ban and Duration: Perma Reason for Ban: Inappropriate humor Server you were playing on when banned: Lizard Your side of the story: Crayoned (as a clown) "we kill homosex" outside of security with an arrow pointing to the security office. None of this was meant in malice, and it wasn't my intention to upset anyone, and I apologize if it did. All this is to say that I won't do it again. As an aside which would help my case a bit, I've been playing outside this server for quite a bit and I have a good record as a decent player.
  5. ah thank you for helping me understand why i got prmaed Stealth
  6. Your ban was escalated to a permanent ban because you have three prior bans. As per our banning policy, a player’s third ban is appeal-only. For clarity, if you are unbanned here and banned again, your ban will not be appealable for six months and you will require a voucher from another SS14 or SS13 server to return.
  7. I think it’s fair to give you the benefit of the doubt that you genuinely misremembered the circumstance surrounding what is required to demote the captain. I agree with both CE and lonesoldier’s judgment about the majority vote being both required and met in this circumstance. Lonesoldier’s point of nobody saying a word to the effect against your demotion is a strong point that I don’t think you can refute. So this seems to be a series of misunderstandings surrounding the lines of poor play. This was a series of you being largely abrasive ingame and when your actions were called out you threatened to break the rules, which is the defining factor behind why you were ultimately gamebanned. You recognize that this is a problem. This ban is fundamentally sound and a two day duration for it is more than fair given the circumstances. It feels rather disingenuous to claim that the circumstances of your demotion were out of nowhere or were unjustified. A captain threatening to demote a head over not answering a radio- even if you decided against it- is simply silly. And the subsequent public escalation and head vote was a proper way to respond to it. This ban holds and your appeal will be denied at this time. If you have no issue over the next two weeks following your ban ending, I encourage you to appeal again and we can discuss ending your head roleban early.
  8. SS14 account: Cutplays Character name: Lee Beelee something close it it Type of Ban: prma ban on lizards idk about other servers Date of Ban and Duration: DFB: cant remember about a week ago Dur: prma Reason for Ban: releasing a plasma can on evac as a atmos Server you were playing on when banned: Lizard Your side of the story: i was fucking around in atmos when i hear a big boom noise come from AME it exploded. I go to QM to try to get parts and a controller but they didnt have any money so i go to atmos to get plasma for them to sell but power goes out and evac called as soon as i get to cargo. so im like fuck it im bringing it on to evac for endgame as im right next to evac as i get on evac i sit down and wait for endgame with my plasma ready to go in me left part of me screen near the same place i put my tool tab as im trying to see if a dude is a sndi (he just gutted CE next to me) as i go for my wielder to wield the door shut i fuck up and open the plasma can like 20 secs from cent the admin AHs me I say MB as I didnt mean to do it so he says he going to ban me for 3 days i say fair as i did fuckin release plasma in to the air but when i tried getting on today it hits me with a prma Why you think you should be unbanned: well i didnt mean to do it as i dont like to troll that hard as that ruins fun for people. I try to help others by working on the wiki a bit if you need proof i did some stuff to gases and made a whole page for CE. i think the three day ban was fair but i dont think prma is fair as i made a mistake. Anything else we should know: will not be leaving my Gas GUIs open near my tools nor will i bring them on evac.
  9. There is not. Admin notes are for admin reference.
  10. and not to mention this is not only irrelevant at all but also out of context also uncalled for. next time should i post an out of context chatlog of me teaching a greytider to show how great, awesome, kind-hearted, magnanimous.. etc. to make people think how much of a good guy i am ? (in case you interpret this the wrong way, this is a joke)
  11. lonesoldier55 at this point i don't expect anything but i want to clear a few misunderstandings because i feel it is distasteful that you interpret pretty much so many things negatively. There is much stuff i don't know and i still don't know why this is an irrelevant question. I might have played this game a bit but i don't get why this is wrong. i am not in the discord server and i wanted to make sure i can be in contact with an admin instead of my message getting forwarded to discord. you are right about this i just misread the minutes as hours so i assumed i got a longer ban than i normally would otherwise 2 days is indeed short this is an overlook on my part. you can check the unedited version of this post if you can. look, i told him in looc chat to ahelp it to make sure, and if you check my past messages i ahelp a lot of stuff i am not sure of before doing it to check if it is endorsed by you guys. if he did it this whole thing would've been avoided. you would give your verdic about this matter and if you deemed it fit that i was replaced then so be it but he didn't even listen and tried to cuff me and i attacked him while telling him to ahelp it. you might see me as this malicious toxic guy but i really thought about how just demoting him because he didn't answer the radio was dumb after thinking it over because there was no actual threat around. however you may see it however you please, not that you'll believe me anyway. again, i never intended to find a "backer" who'll give me a favorable outcome i just wanted to corraborate what the rules were as you have shown me above that memory was faulty. i broke a lot of rules unintentionally when i first began playing and so i just try to make sure what i know is correct and chief_engineer has been the most helpful admin towards me. but you may also interpret this however you wish i can't tell you what to think. lthis is also out of context, i said they killed me because they took my weapon after stunning me so i wasn't really a threat anymore.
  12. Oh, I should also add, you don't seem to be the nicest player to other players as evidenced by this little gem I found in the OOC relay while digging through the ahelp logs.
  13. Hi, banning admin here and the administrator who watched part of this situation unfold and investigated it at your request. I cannot ultimately rule on this ban, but I will provide my own context. Let us get one thing clear immediately: This is your conversation with Chief_Engineer in regards to the "number of votes required to impeach the captain". Nowhere in this entire exchange did he say, as you told me, that it has to be every single head of staff voting yes (and where a head of staff abstaining or failing to vote is counted as no, as you tried to tell me). Regardless of this exchange, I was the administrator handling the incident at the time. While I don't wish to step on another administrator's toes in regards to what they may have or may not have said for a ruling, that does not mean you can just disregard my own ruling on the situation in favor of another ruling another admin may have told you before. This is irrelevant because either you lied about what the other admin told you or did not remember it correctly. Let me retell this sequence of events that happened from my observational point of view which was interrupted a few times by handling administrator functions: I have to handle an ahelp of a blatant self-antag and happen to be watching security while doing so. The HoS in this situation handles it well with his security team. At some point there is a callout of potential nuclear operatives. While handling something else, I stumble upon you having a standoff in front of the HoP's office with the HoS and approximately 15-20 people around you (in fact I happen to have a screenshot of this): You were openly threatening to demote the HoS for not answering the radio. This is, in my opinion, an extremely petty reason to try and initiate a demotion of your head of staff over, especially without trying to figure out what they were dealing with from their own end. This results in the above-pictured crowd and several people taking different sides. Most notably, the other heads of staff do not agree with your assessment. You say you "decided not to demote him", but I think this is more because the public and your other heads were against you in this mob and you realized that pushing forward would likely get you killed. I think this is the primary factor that caused you to "not demote" the HoS, not the fact that you thought better of it. You decide to summon all heads of staff to the bridge to hold a vote to impeach you to satisfy the HoS who was getting ready to (rightfully) defend himself from an unjust attempted demotion. You are clinging on to your belief that every single head on the station needs to have a definitive "yes" vote to vote you out. As I have already stated and stated in the relay, as long as the reasoning is sound, I think a majority head of staff vote suffices, not a unanimous vote. In this case, the HoS, CMO, and HoP decide to vote you out. The CE and RD both abstain from voting and the QM could likely not be contacted. This means there were three votes to remove you, and three votes of "don't care" or abstain. Most notably, nobody is voting to keep you in place. The HoS here (rightfully) decides that this has concluded majority of the heads no longer trust your leadership. The HoS requests that you surrender your items to facilitate a demotion. This results in a rapid escalation after you refuse to do so because you are still clinging on to the belief you need 100% vote. You refuse to surrender, the HoS attempts to cuff you, you move back, the HoS attempts to disabler you, you whip out your laser and start blasting, everyone else crits you in a justified escalation of force that you perpetuated at every step. This begins our ahelp transaction: You immediately start this exchange by admin-checking. You have been playing long enough to know this is an irrelevant question to ask. You immediately start with the "all heads need to say yes" line. This has already been mentioned, I will skip over it for now. Your reason for demotion was extremely thin, if any at all. I don't think one instance of failure to answer the radio (which the other player stated you were using the general frequency which made it even harder to track) is a just reason to demote a head of staff. Your entire premise for this situation is already in shambles. I ask about escalation. To your credit, you did back off and try to handle things diplomatically, but then you immediately went back in the other direction as soon as diplomacy did not go in your favor. At this point I go and talk to the HoS. The HoS tells me the same chain of events I just described; you try to demote him over nothing, they vote you out, you resist attempts to be detained and escalate conflict into lethals, to which they responded in kind. The only possible fault I have in the HoS is not giving the admin relay a heads up of a possible mutiny or captain demotion about to happen, but that is minor in the grand scale of things. We'll skip over the explanation of why the deathsquad comment was completely ignored. I explain the information I obtained from talking with the other party to you. You are still hung up on needing full votes. This leads into the second page of the relay: I explain my stance on the matter. Regardless of what another admin may have said, since I am handling the transaction, my stance should be the one you judge your actions against. If majority of the heads of staff do not want you to be leading them, they can majority vote you out. That is my simple take. My other explanation was that you were the primary instigator and catalyst for this event unfolding the way it did. You express you pretty much just want the HoS to stop being able to play the game because people took his side and not yours. This leads into the elements of this ban, where you decide to throw a tantrum: I sincerely and truthfully dislike being told that you are going to go find someone else who will give you the outcome you want and that I "didn't want to do anything" after I spend ten minutes sorting out your little IC conflict and making sure I have the facts straight. I also do not like being told that you are going to go out of your way to blatantly break the rules and go metagrudge the other player in this interaction while at the same time hypocritically complaining that the HoS is not following the rules (even though you were in the wrong). After this point I banned you for two days. Two days! I only gave you two days. In retrospect I should have probably been harsher, though I did decide after the fact that maybe a month break from command roles would change your thinking. And let me just address a few bullet points of your appeal that have my noggin' joggin': Yes, threatening to break the rules will be dealt with in the same manner. I don't care what your excuse is. The possible scenarios here are you are threatening to break the rules and going to carry through with it, or threatening to break the rules to try and scare the other party into an action you want, neither of which I care for. This is taken out of context. The ruling here is heads of staff can "vote you out" with majority. I did not say the heads of staff can murder you. You facilitated your own murder by trying to blast someone non-forcibly trying to detain and demote you with your laser. No, it isn't just "might be wrong". I assure you, it is wrong. I talked to both parties involved in this dispute from an observer's standpoint and tried to look at both of your situations. I did not take any action because I did not believe the HoS acted unjustly from a captain threatening to demote him over virtually nothing. People are fallible, your heads of staff are allowed to make minor mistakes, they are human beings and players too, they are not going to be perfect. You do not have the right to demote whoever you want because they didn't do something minor. Not only were you dead wrong on this claim anyways, you do not have a "right to adminshop" anything. The administrators here are a collective team and we rule on things as a team. If two admins have a conflicting point of view on a situation, we will discuss it internally and decide how to uniformly address it if it is a problem. You do not get the "right" to run to another admin hoping they tell you yes when the admin you are dealing with tells you no. I hope this clears everything up for whomever addresses this appeal.
  14. Last week
  15. Your appeal is nigh-illegible and near-zero effort. You have betrayed our trust after a week ban by skipping right past trying to play the game proper and proceeding directly to murdering a crew member over them hitting you with a pie, then trying to hide the body, plus spamming the ahelp relay with nonsense. We strongly believe that if you are unbanned that your behavior will not improve and you will continue to be at least as problematic as you have been. You have already racked up seven notes of various severity including abandoning your head role to build shuttles, sabotaging power/jailbreaking as non-antag, and in general seem to only follow the rules when it is convenient for you or forget they exist entirely. Because of the contents of both of these appeals, your notes, and your behavior in-game, we are going to take the rare move of exercising rule 0 and upgrading your week ban to an appeal-only ban. General admin consensus is that you will continue to be a problem for other players as repeated warnings, admin contacts, and your general playtime don't seem to be getting through. Also, as Stealth has already pointed out, there appears to be some sort of significant language barrier in communicating with you. Until you write a competent, well thought-out appeal, you will remain banned from Wizard's Den servers. Do not post additional appeals for two weeks from now.
  16. SS14 account: idontlikesand Character name: Jonathan Morris Type of Ban: game ban Date of Ban and Duration: 3 days Reason for Ban: "threatening to metagrudge a HoS over a failed demotion attempt and threatening to adminshop for a more favorable ruling" Server you were playing on when banned: Wizard's den Lizard Your side of the story: Yesterday i was playing a captain and people started talking about nukies, i went to check sec it was spaced. Hop and cmo came to me talk about that there might be nukies so i called red alert. HoS ignored me on command radio after i asked him if there were nukies because i suspected it after seeing the spaced sec and hop and cmo's suggestion. i threatened to demote him after getting mad at him ignoring my calls i even used the communications computer but there is a crucial thing, "failed demotion attempt" is simply ridiculous i even explained to the admin present that i decided not to demote him because i was simply angry for a short while and said "i might be exaggerating" and not demote him so it wasn't a failed demotion attempt. and that metagrudge threat is thing is also real but i was mad at the admin for not really caring about the hos killing me. just the day before this happened i talked to another admin about this matter and he explained to me every head has to approve to get rid of me as captain and hos just wanted to get rid of me with 3 heads' approval so i don't think his excuse of "they were not content with you" was just. And the threat of metagruding, not the actual deed, necessitates a ban ? which i forgot about the guy's name so even if i was unbanned i don't think i can metagruding for the life of me i only remember he was a lizard race. And that "favorable ruling" is something i deserved otherwise it means just anyone can murder the captain with 3 head' approval. Why you think you should be unbanned: getting a ban is unjust when i was being a normal captain, staying in bridge, calling red alert at a potential threat, making announcement to remind people to turn on coordinates and not murdering anyone at all. then getting killed by the hos because cmo, hop and hos just wanted me gone because i threatened to demote him,mind you i decided against after considering it might be too much. the matter with me threatening to metagrudge might be wrong and it was a spur of the moment anger outburst from me but i think the admin has a part in for failing to mediate between the parties. If i get unbanned i will try to enjoy the game more and if i get angry just close it for a period instead of saying unnecessary things. Anything else we should know: i feel that the "getting a more favorable ruling" part is biased because as i explained above i recently ahelped and asked one of the admins about deposing a captain and he told me that all the heads' had to agree to it which here they clearly did not so i had a right to adminshop it, if you can check my messages with that admin you should.
  17. SS14 account: ChoccyMilkDealer Character name: Makus-Reen Type of Ban: Job ban Date of Ban and Duration: Around 1 month ago Reason for Ban: It does not show any ban reason or i cannot check it however here was what the admin said in my old ban appeal Seeing as you have been taking it upon yourself to use Head of Personnel to try and "purge" and "execute" all of the clowns on the station because the Chaplain said something vaguely along those lines; and also as Head of Security telling the bartender to over-escalate and shoot glass breakers to death instead of doing your job, you're not going to be playing Captain or any head of staff roles for a while. This is already on top of a questionable track record of gameplay from you. You may only appeal this role ban and your new ones two weeks from now. Server you were playing on when banned:Wizard den lizard Your side of the story: Honestly i was overall a shitty member of the community I did not play correctly as command jobs I was too aggressive and broke rules I was also I tried to purge clowns and I had a shady record Why you think you should be unbanned: I feel like I should be given a second chance because I feel ready to play command roles again and I will not break rules. I have also learned from my mistakes and am sorry for what I did. I will be grateful if I get unbanned Anything else we should know:Nothing
  18. Chemistry bans are often supplemented with science bans due to how easily and frequently the science department obtains chemical dispensers. EDIT: This was especially true when you were banned back in June.
  19. SS14 account: deltanedas Character name: no idea, now I have character called Mark O Zack Type of Ban: job ban from medical and science (???) Date of Ban and Duration: when i started playing, perma i think Reason for Ban: giving people mercury pills Server you were playing on when banned: lizard Your side of the story: I thought I was being funny giving people mercury pills (clearly labelled but still poison nonetheless). In hindsight I was being a shitter and not funny. One guy told me how to make Kelotane so I made it for him, only actual medicine. Got messaged by admin that I'd been rolebanned from medical, fair enough. No idea why I'm banned from science though I don't think I've ever played it on any official server. Why you think you should be unbanned: Ban was fair for a while but now I am pretty good at the game and know medicine very well. Anything else we should know: It was one of my first games
  20. I've been scrolling through ban appeals for a while, since we have admins recording player behaviors through notes and etc. Is there any sort of ways we can find or check notes and records about ourselves?
  21. Between this appeal and your last one both being utterly incoherent I'm not convinced you have the english speaking capabilities to play on this server.
  22. SS14 account: nuk Character name: Brynjar Eriksson Type of Ban: job ban from cap, dunno how long Date of Ban and Duration: 24th or 25th of this november Reason for Ban: no idea, i presume because i was being too goofy Server you were playing on when banned: LIZARD!!!! Your side of the story: was playin captain, shift was boring and no one was asking me for anything so i decided to spice things up by doing a bit of goofing around (latter half). was originally planning on using announcements system to play out a story where i would change my ign every announcement and play as different characters (like the one jerma bit with the morning announcements), announcement console ended up being smited, changed my job title to "nuclear captain operative captain" and disguised myself so it wouldn't show my name, after which CMO came in and started messing around alongside me. shuttle called somehow (don't remember) and we went to vault and started trying random codes, acting like nukies to any passersby. shuttle arrived, and me and the CMO barely got on with the nuke, after which the countdown started due to wacky admeme and it blew up (after round end) Why you think you should be unbanned: i think it was pretty harmless, considering no one was asking anything of me and it was pretty fun for me and the CMO. however, i swear an oath to be less goofy when playing captain and apologize for any problems my goofin' around may have caused. thanks Anything else we should know: i didn't realize i had been banned until now because the job picking list was bugged and didn't hide captain for me. emisse told me i had been rolebanned from cap on ooc but since i could still see captain, i thought she was just goofin around too. i'm also active on the discord (less so recently, been trying out ss13) with future (future) prospects of potentially trying for admin and being a contributor
  23. That's a fluent string (`.ftl` files), just making it easier to localize. Use your IDEs search feature (or if you're desperate, GitHub repo search) to find them.
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